Boosting and Multiboxing


(starts quacking) Am I a Duck, yet?

EDIT: I, also, love how critical thinking is easily dismissed. There’s parts about MBing, that I don’t agree with but because I disagree with parts about it that others disagree with, my input is being dismissed, as well. Love the mentality of “you’re either with us or against us” :roll_eyes:


Yeah, the really weird thing is that DPS of all roles are not jumping into groups asking for them. It’s pretty telling when even that role cannot be filled because of getting boosted being the easier alternative to actually playing.

Really. In vanilla the competition for groups for dps was so fierce that you’d get 3 dps immediately then look for the tank or healer. It was great for Rotsta since I could get groups all the time to heal but my dps alts were always struggling to get into a dungeon run

Says who? You’re free to play however you wish. If you wish to become a tycoon, so be it.

Citation needed. Supply and demand existed back then too. Why do you think they added LFD by end of Wrath.

Yes and when they reach the endgame they “like” to play, they are under geared and have no idea how to play the class. Resulting in them being a burden and carried by others in raids until they do get geared and learn to play the class. It is selfish, and the most base version of entitlement.

Trust me, killing 10000 boars doesn’t make you fit for endgame either.

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I played vanilla with several alts and dungeon runs were always my favorite part of the game. The supply of dps out stripped the demand so getting the dps filled was easy. It was easy to find groups for my healer and hard to find them for my dps alts. That’s just my personal experience but from forum posts and chat in vanilla that seemed to be the consensus.

Really? You actually need a source for DPS group competition?

These people either never played vanilla or they are lying.

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Arguably, vanilla had a wider audience. I do remember certain dungeons being harder to pug as realms got older. Gotta remember new fresh realms were introduced all through vanilla while certain realms became quite barren.

You are very passive aggressive. Yes, I would like to see a source that says that grouping was as wide spread and available as implied.

Well, that’s not true, lol.

There is no data available to cite. There is only personal experience and anecdotal evidence. But even when the lfd was cross realm it was much easier to get a group for my healer than my dps. I’d click healer and join and most of the time would get a group immediately or within a few minutes. I’d click dps and wait for 30, 45 minutes or even an hour to get a group

Sorry, I think we’ve been mixed up. Of course it’s easier to find DPS before tanks or heal. I was refuting that they were always readily available.

That was my point. LFD was introduced to ease group finding. They tried a weaker feature in TBC too. They added these features as players of that time were complaining about not being able to find a group.

It wasn’t introduced to ease group finding by tanks and healers. Rotsta didn’t need the lfd. I never had any problem finding a group that wanted a healer. Imo it was introduced to put the dps in a queue so they could fairly share the available tanks and healers

The players complaining were by far dps.

half the gear you need to get a headstart in end game can be bought anyways off the ah or is available by quests

Blizzard, see 30 instance per day cap for more information.

One is botting and one is terrain/mob pathing exploitation

There were a lot of players who didn’t even know to join the LFG channel in Classic. It was definitely a problem. The meeting stone was introduced as a way for players to LFG while leaving the relevant zone.

I never met a tank or healer who complained that it was difficult to find a group. Perhaps my experience was unique or my server was different than all the other servers.

Well, that’s selective memory for you. I have no doubt that you could find groups. Certain dungeons and at certain times did in fact make it more difficult. It wasn’t as great as you remember.

Tank shortage was as real back then as it is now.

People resort to ad hominen attacks when they can’t come up with rational arguments. I’m willing to consider the possibility that my server was different than other servers. I only played on two servers, one for my horde alts and one for my alli alts. As a holy priest that leveled holy I never had a problem finding a group for any dungeon. It’s not selective memory.

Yes it was and on my servers healers were also in demand. What was almost never hard to find was dps