Boosters still in trade

so even tho communitys closed (most linked a new one saying they don’t do that there aka renamed) trade chat is still flooded with raid boost and m+ boost offers can we have
1: boost channel
2: if offer is placed in trade chat 3day ban - 1 month ban - 1 year ban for progressive offences. can skip the first one if its an old classic key from when the game was on sale for 5$ so they have no toons over lvl 20 and clearly just an advertiser account

or are we “watching to see how the situation progresses” for another year while new and returning plaers walk into a city and get flooded with it and go “oh yeah same crap game i left before”


They are allowed to advertise. They can’t use a community to broker groups for them any longer. Must be on server only.

If they advertise more than twice in a short period of time, report them for spam.

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You say still as if they shouldn’t be there.

That would be /2

Baffles me what people expect to find in /2 if boosting isn’t banned.


then that effectly does nothing, just makes the groups reorg into server wide groupsplaces like area 52 thats still 20 spam messages a sec

in before the “well the casual player who is trying to give wow a chance should download a 3rd party addon to ban keywords even tho it might make them miss something they actually want to see”

  1. No. Because carries are unsupported transactions. They aren’t making a channel for unsupported transactions.
  2. No. Because they are allowed to trade in trade chat, as long as it’s for gold.

I’m also on area 52.
It is not even close to 20 messages a second.

I wouldn’t even say it’s been 20 messages a minute the past few days (maybe peak hour?)

In fact yesterday the only activity in trade were people talking about Russia. And some dude pretending to be Chinese, pretending to be American, to get nuke codes. Not really /trade material.

Granted, boosting is on the backburner for now as its fresh content.

But here’s the thing, you can turn off /trade. Whereas the community feature was entirely swamped and basically turned into the booster community.

Ixenn, I am on area 52 as well. Nowhere near to that point. Ever since the community bust, trade chat is usable now.

Boosting is not banned. Only the boosting communities were banned and that is because most of them were doing real life money transactions. Any one of us is allowed to sell a boost as long as their are no account pilots, no exploits, no account sharing, and no transactions outside of WoW while you do it.


I think that the banned boosters are now forming guilds to advertise that way.

I still right click and ignore them.

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I only report level 10’s or obsessive spammers.

Boosting ban did nothing. It had zero effect. They are still there, sometimes dozens of them Houkon is a boosting…they say only gold…but a lot have confirmed they take IRL money as well. Really annoying when all I see when I log into org are dozens of those people. THAT is now banned. So maybe they are no longer there. This toon has not been in Org for a long time now. Mainly play SOM on my ally rogue. Almost ZERO of that spam in Classic.

If it really bothers you, vote with your wallet, stop playing, it’s the only way they’ll consider it.

Probably because SoM is dead? Boosting was the defacto way to level mid to late classic. Paying for dungeon carriers was so prevalent the world was dead

But that is the rule, it was designed to target the massive cross realm communities and the policy even states that it doesn’t apply to guilds or individuals.

Report them. It’s supposed to be the player character (toon) that will be a part of the carry who can advertise. Most of the time it’s a low level alt, so report them.

This is why I play on a roleplay server, even tho I don’t really roleplay. Strangely, the boosting spam seems to be at a minimum both on Wyrmrest Accord and Moonguard. I’ve tried looking at regular servers, but aside from the servers that are pretty much empty, trade chat seems to be flooded with boosting spam.

All you Area 52 people who don’t like the taste of Spam should hop on over to Wyrmrest accord, or even Moonguard (which seems to have become a nicer place to play than it used to be, as long as you avoid Goldshire).

I don’t believe any of my characters are still even in trade chat. I just wish it did something about advertisements in lfg. I still have to weave through those while looking for a legit group.

And they are still real money transactions on the trade.

I’ve only noticed 1 or 2 lately. Not near as much as it was before.