Boosters still in trade

I’d rather booster spam than the political discussions in trade.

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Thats why I will just do LFR now

I’m just glad not to see huokon every 2 seconds on trade. I had to disable my trade window just because of their spam. Although, I’m sort of confused on how Blizz let that go on for so long. Not surprising though…it is Blizz after all :man_shrugging:

aww that’s awful, are all those nasty people interfering with your enjoyment of a-word spam and racist political trolling?

15 years, I’ve yet to do any business generated in trade chat… it’s turned off on most of my toons because it’s always been more general chat than trade chat.

yup exactly just looks bad to other people if thyey want to actually buy or sell something in trade or socialize. general chat doesnt reach as far and someone said they don’t play wow because people don’t talk anymore just boost sales and sent screenshots where 90% or more or chat was boosts still

i mean thats the problem lots have including a friend thats good at the game but it ruins the experience for her so she showed screenshots on a trial account instead of rebuying a sub for 9.2

I prefer the boosters to what usually goes on in trade tbh. At least the boosters are actually using it to sell a service instead of spamming memes and arguing about politics

yeah i coulda swore they said atleast that was bannable

Not sure why anyone thought this was actually going to solve the problem. I mean if they are selling boosts for RL cash, they were already breaking the rules. So do you think they will really care if they are also misusing chat to do it? This problem will not be fixed until Blizzard hires live in game CS to deal with them. Even then it will just move to outside the game.

nope just want my friend back but said 0 socializing in the game besides people who raid log other than that its ust buyers and sellers. couldn’t even argue with her to defend wow on that

maybe we could ust make general chat reach as far as trade? its nice to have a global chat space. maybe someone finds a npc that drops a mount they already have or wants to sell a pet for 20% off ah because they want the gold right now or just generally being social

yeah but thats more what I am advocating for just because the discords shut down doesnt mean its being policed. lfg and trade still flooded with the old raid/torg/m+ immagine once people catch up to 9.2 to sell

if it was stated they can’t do it and they were firm on the deciline they would stop doing it because it would get hard to juggle the accounts coming off long bans to advertise. thats why the first offence would be minimal 3 days or longer if they have only lvl 1-20s and clearly use the account only to spam. none of that “oh I didn’t know sorry” get extra days before the hammer

even if you call it “unsupported” chat just a way to help split them off and tuck them away so you can show them you knew you did wrong when you put it in lfg

socializing happens in discord now. that’s not really a wow specific thing.

That perplexed me too. Trade is supposed to be for trade, not meme jokes and political mud fights.

she will go into other games where its not flooded with boosties and just chat without having to find specific and fragmented discord groups. and sure could say thats what general is for but that only reaches 1 city so maybe they could do /local / general / trade and most use general for mounts and other non spammy services

Nothing actually suggests that outside of them, and since Blizzard doesn’t really have any other global/all citywide chats it’s what it will always happen.

its more that its EVERYWHERE and most of the chat and groups at times. the patch will only offer a slight reprise until its in full force. we are forced to look at it or get an addon to try to sift through and ban words like jailer cus you might still want to see wts just not boosts

Don’t think that was ever stated. And because cross realm is a thing, that’s the reason for a lvl 10 doing the advertising.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe boosting is a problem that needs more attention, and there is a simple solution.

Only allow the BUYERS to advertise in trade. The sellers will have to sit and watch instead of mindlessly spamming trade.