Boosters and boost buyers

If only there was some kind of way to learn what words mean.

I hope you don’t backpedal this much in game

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Is spamming allowed?

This really is a lot of backpedaling friend…

Give your S key a break…

If someone advertises lf1m ramps n more than 3 times in 5 mins, do you report them?

cows have 4 stomachs but not much brains

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Wish i had 4 stomachs, I already got the other part covered

Why you replying to me with that

Why don’t you ask Blizzard to make more than just 1 global channel?

This has been suggested since 2004. The problem is that the people who want the boosts, don’t know they do, until they’re hit with 10,000 messages saying that everyone else is doing it so why don’t you.

There’s no incentive for the boosters to leave the public forum.

You’re smarter than that.

No i thought this was the lfg ui thread

I dont really care about boosting so it is what it is

You cared enough to reply to me multiple times in this thread telling me I was wrong. Well, I was right.


Win some you lose some? What more do you want

Please don’t fight.

You’re both pretty.

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Can’t we all just get along?

Can we also get a megaserver forum so when people complain about things that only happen on megaservers the rest of the playerbase doesn’t have to listen to it?

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It’d be nice if people used other chat channels for their political junk and boost spam. But then no one would see it, hence why they don’t do it. They’re in LFG because they want you to see it whether you like it or not.

“Blizzard already said their boost spam isn’t allowed in LFG/Trade/General. So just report them. Helps cut down on gold sellers too. Double win.”
-Actually it’s allowed in trade but NOT the others. Really doesn’t matter though because they don’t enforce the rule no matter where people post it. I’ve seen boost spam in LFG every day since they said “we don’t allow that.” Well no one cares if you don’t enforce it, Blizzard.