Boosted character doesn't have soul binds/forge

I boosted a character and went to buy the level 60 renown skip. Upon doing so I guess I glitched the game because now when I go to the Night Fae area I only was able to get the 1 ability. I have done the quests needed to unlock the forge but it is glitched and will not let me soul bind with anyone. It is also worth noting the quest to unlock the sanctum was also glitched ( I still cannot see the sanctum to deposit anima, I had to deposit via ZM instead to complete the quest) I see it says on this thread to contact support. I am also not sure how to change characters exactly. This quest is glitched on my mage named “Jbob” on the server thrall - not this priest you see here.

Did you complete the play as well?

Nightfae has issues with progression unless you do it