BM is back in Shadowlands!

BOOOOOOOOYYYYY with the love im reading BM is going to be great going into SL.

besides the prior nerfs that get reset every xpack ( BM pvp nerfs ) BM is looking like a DoT heavy, strong attacking pet spec! looks amazing and super excited for whats to come for hunters.

Between barbed shot, Bloodshed and Flayed shot if chosen the bleeds will be crazy!! not to mention kill shot and hunters mark omg atleast on paper right now sounds so amazing!!!


i agree this sounds amazing… you just commanding your pet to bleed target to death… like a ranged feral druid XD with an execute


inb4 the instant BM becomes not even as viable as DH or RM, but arms warrior, people will start complaining about “hurr durr pet does all the damage” and it gets hit with BFA S1 nerfs again.

hope that doesn’t happen though.


As a BM hunter, not really.

Eyes of the Beast is not something I care about.

I want old Cheetah but without the daze, it just turns off in combat.
One of the old pet systems, don’t care which
Spirit Bond back
Beast within that works with bestial wrath


I will never understand why Survival got Spirit Bond and BM lost it. It makes 0 sense that Survival should have a better connection with their pet than BM. And no, the spirit beast heal does not make up for it.


The problem with the spec-specific changes are all talents. The spec is in a good spot but still needs some baseline changes.

I detailed this in the other thread but for one I think Chimera Shot needs to be baseline. BM is in need of more involvement and another core mechanic to keep track of. But the big issue for us going into Shadowlands is the loss of Dance of Death and Primal Instincts. These things make the spec work right now and are the reason we scale so well after a history of scaling poorly. Without Primal Instincts our Aspect of the Wild cooldown is also incredibly weak. They need to find a way to adequately replace these things.

And as others here have pointed out BM needs to have Spirit Bond instead of SV. It’s completely ridiculous that SV has all this BM stuff and even more ridiculous that it gets Spirit Bond exclusively. That was literally BM’s original 31-point talent before Bestial Wrath was added. In every single expansion until now BM had it in one way or another (while it was a classwide talent in MoP and WoD at least BM hunters could still get it). They need to make Spirit Bond our mastery and make Survival find a different one. Let Survival’s identity crisis stay within that spec; don’t make collateral damage.

Oh, and old Stampede please. Summoning 5 pets is so much cooler than what it is currently.

P.S. this new bleed talent seems heavily based on the MoP talent “Lynx Rush”.


you know that is in the game right??? its called “trailblazer” as far as the “old cheetah”

You know there was something called “Aspect of the Pack” that was Cheetah for your group, right?


i agree with most of this. However the loss of azerite is not going to hit as hard as you think. What is going to crush BM is the stat squish. We scale better off secondaries better than EVERYONE else now… out worst secondary, mastery, adds more DPS per point than most classes best secondary. DoD doesnt make us function, its not in reality that good, its just every other azerite trait is friggin terrible. Losing PI will be bad as the boost to mastery is pretty big.

IMO the stat squish will decimate the spec, without having 35%+ crit base the whole spec falls apart.


Umm, BM is already great. What game are you playing? lol


Talking pvp playa.


I’m just excited to get nerfed to the ground again after 2 weeks. Woo!


I hope that the pets will be reverted to being op and also specs themselves being diversely op.

Give pet blink back that will help bm for sure…


they dont need it… KC and barbed shot do the same thing only better now.

Some promising news so far. To piggy back on some things mentioned here I’d really like,

Cheetah the way it’s worked in past or past or previously where it’s turned off on damage

Stampede my gosh do something to make it worth taking, the CD is way too long. Either redesign it or make it a baseline BM ability with a shorter cooldown.

Chimera shot, let’s face it is a really boring ability. It could use a redesign or be baseline, something this bland doesn’t belong as a talent option where something much better should be.

The pet system needs a revamp, its become verry boring. Each family needs a decent unique ability again. I’d like to see all the pets get idle sounds again, some have been muted over the years while others still make sounds like some cats, and a few other families. Also please change hyenas sounds back to what they used to sound like for years, no idea why they had to change their sounds.


I would like for it to be a passive, interacting with Bestial Wrath.

Meaning if picked, when you activate BW, you also summon 2 of your pets(in addition to the one(s) you already have out) to fight with you for the duration.

Benefiting from the BW ofc, along with Beast Cleave, Kill Command and using Auto Attacks.

Kill Command extends the duration of the extra pets by a few seconds each time it’s used.


I did read that. And luckily for me, I’m no PvP’er.

No matter how the pet res cast will affect us in PvP, my post above which you replied to here was not focusing on PvP directly.

It was only focusing on the ability Stampede, and it’s design.

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Ur post was bm is back in shadowlands…I replied in pvp it’s not


That’s the topic/thread we’re currently in. One not of my creation.

But you replied to this:

A reply of mine specifically made towards the poster just above me there. In a response to what he/she said about Stampede as an ability.

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