BM Hunter Tier : Absolute Failure

Welp, first results of raid+tier+double leggo are in, and as expected, BM Hunters getting dunked on.


What you’re seeing for BM is a direct result of Blizzard ignoring Hunter set bonuses for practically the entire PTR. The posts Bulletproof quoted essentially came after the PTR was over - a PTR, mind you, during which Hunter was one of only two classes (not specs but literally the entire class) that never got any Blue feedback or comments. The other class was Mage, but even then Mages had nerfs totally reverted within 24 hours of being announced due to Blizzard responding to feedback. Had it not been for a flurry of last minute posts indicating serious issues across all specs, it’s very likely Hunter set bonuses would be even more broken.

As it is, it seems pretty obvious that Blizzard did not (and likely still does not) understand the issue BM Hunters had with the set bonuses. As Bulletproof mentioned, the adjustment Blizzard made in response to player feedback was illogical, didn’t address player concerns in any meaningful way, and amounted to essentially a 0% DPS increase. IMO, it was a throwaway fix in a failed attempt to be seen as “doing something” after belatedly realizing they couldn’t get away with doing nothing.


Correction, since that tier set apparently exists and blizzard hand delivers it to world first guilds while the rest of us get nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

Literally who cares. Honestly.

Your two other specs are so beyond broken.

I have zero sympathy for you. Zero. Play MM and get 22k overall or play survival and do 21k overall.

Boo hoo

These will both be nerfed into oblivion the instant WFR is over.

BM has been best for a while. Time for others to get that time on the stage.

and its rented powered systems issue. again. MM will suck, again. in the prepatch load that kills rented power systems to next expac again.

and in 10.0 start BM will be king…again.

Now start up the power system musical chairs games in 10.0. Sigh…again.

No, we didn’t. No hunter I knew had it and most other people I’ve talked to have never seen one drop either. I was killing Sylvanas in two raids every week. I don’t know the actual number of players killing Sylvanas who got it, but the number seems far too abysmal to claim “we got a legendary bow”.

Just had to remind about this.

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I have it feel free to check achievements if you don’t believe me, another person in my guild at the time had it too

it was a low drop rate yes but I’m pretty sure more than 2 people have the bow

I never claimed only two people had it. I said that for the number of people who could have gotten it, the number of people who actually DID get it was abysmally low and far too low to count it as if it were something “everyone” had, which was the implication of your original post.

BM hunter tier set is top of the line best dps and AOE. This is great blizz!!

You can’t just sit there and pout because your favorite spec isn’t good when you’re a pure dps class. MM and Survival are doing fantastic. Learn to play one of those, or be mediocre.

On a different side of things…I don’t understand why Blizzard keeps trying to get people to play MM/Survival when it’s clear that most people love BM.

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They have been talking about removing BM in the future anyhow and implementing a bard ranger spec instead.

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Man I hope so… it’s absolutely wild how much DMG they do…

Yet fury 4pc got nerfed before anyone could ever get all 4pc.

Somehow mm slipped through the cracks

Logs from last nite (4pc + 2x leggo) show the math nerds were right.

Dead. Last.

Almost 20% behind the leader. Ooof.

Okay but so what. Go play MM. It’s absolutely broken. Not all specs can be good at all times.

You have two other specs that are absolutely insane especially in m+

Both are broken and will get gutted the instant WFR is over.

You’re not wrong, but putting eggs in those baskets is a mistake.

Not necessarily. Feral has been absolute crap the entire expansion while boomkin continues to be insane.

Just the way it be sometimes.

So the question is. Should you get the LFR tier set for BM or just use all the higher ilvl cipher gear and M+ gear

Right now you need to be Surv or MM. Those bonuses are great.

The BM one is :poop:

Thats not what Ion said though. BM was well balanced and appropriate this time.