BM Hunter Tier : Absolute Failure

We asked for some AoE. Blizz acknowledged problem and “fixed” the 4PC to address. Whopping 0.4% DPS increase, and actually BREAKS some Covenant abilities.

If this is what passes for “balance”, I can’t wait to see what double-leggo does.


BM’s set bonus is a bit of a stinker, I’ll admit that much, but… you do realize that Marksmanship and Survival are both downright ludicrous at the very same things BM isn’t good at, right? So, like… if you feel like BM’s tier sucks in AoE, you could just go MM or Survival and completely slaughter every other spec in the game at AoE since you still have their insanely good tier.


You think Blizz is actually going to leave SV alone? It’s getting nerfed the instant WFR is over.

PS: M+ is even worse. Dead last.


Yes, I do think they’re gonna leave Survival alone. Blizzard very, VERY rarely does balancing changes in the middle of a raid tier unless it’s an X.5 patch, and the only exception to this in recent memory was Blizzard nerfing Mistweaver Monks in the middle of Ny’alotha because they were able to outheal every other healer spec in the game combined while just DPSing the boss. Windwalker Monks were disgustingly overpowered in AoE for the entirety of Sanctum of Domination, and in 9.1.5 they got outright buffed when they were already a top spec in any sort of burst AoE situation. It’ll almost definitely be the same for Survival; mediocre single-target, obscene AoE.

Just bite the bullet and play Survival if you want a heavier AoE focus. BM has its place as Hunters’ most mobile, most single-target centric spec.

The bow was a legend only because no one actually ever saw it drop. Only stories.


BM is a whopping 9% ahead of the other 2 Hunter specs on Skolex (ST fight).

BM is 40% behind on Anduin (AoE fight).



They are legit downright ludicrous even without tier.

Haven’t seen any class do 16k overall without tier other than MM at the moment.

I’ve seen WW monks get close but thats with tier.

I have seen a 250 ilvl MM out dpsing 260’s easily.

And people here think Blizz won’t nerf it…

Fast to nerf, slow to buff. This is the Blizzard way.

survival getting nerfed is also supported by bicmex basically globalling an entire arena team with mad bomb procs during awc

or maybe not
they’ve practically abandoned shadowlands

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LOL yea! Haha!

Anyone who saw WFR stack 6 SV hunters knew immediately that SV’s days are numbered.

I don’t think it’ll be gutted personally
but it’s probably going to see the 2pc knocked to 25~30% and 4pc knocked to a max of 50%, or only increasing damage on the main target

personally I think it’s wild that they decided to modify sv’s aoe, it’s the niche they didn’t struggle in
I was personally hoping to see CA get made interesting instead of being boring ret wings


A fun new dh/s.priest comp in bfa lasted a few weeks only.

wth…the whole team is s. priests.

you could almost hear the nerf bat going “I am coming to wreck your day in 10,9,8,…1”.

…for one fight that heavily favored AoE. And that was five Survival Hunters for the World Second kill; World First brought four Arms Warriors and three Frost DKs alongside just three Survival Hunters, on a fight that heavily favors cleave/AoE and is EXTREMELY melee-friendly.

Liquid brought three BM Hunters to Mythic Halondrus, which is probably the hardest boss in the raid thus far or is at least pretty damn close; guess BM’s broken and needs a nerf too then.

You’re only looking at the 95th percentile. When you change it to all percentiles, BM hunter is doing slightly below average. Not bad enough for outrage, I’d argue.

Once again, you’re only doing the 95th percentile. All percentiles show BM still doing better than both Ret paladin and Destro warlock.

Did you intentionally try to manipulate others by posting certain percentiles that matched your narrative?

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95th percentile is the default for the site. For all logs.

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Ok but it’s not what classes are balanced around. You know that.


you can’t really argue classes should be balanced in the top end
it should be considered, but 50th percentile should be the benchmark for a healthier spread for the game overall

The reason the 95th percentile is used is to remove player skill from the equation via normalization.

By normalizing the players in this manner (only the best of the best), one can properly evaluate one spec against another spec.

It’s standard procedure for data analysis.

I have been enjoying SV since last patch. Its real fun.

BM has an unfun playstyle.

I’m enjoying the 40K DPS pulls as SV with the understanding that it won’t last for long.