BM Hunter Tier : Absolute Failure

It compares the best players of each spec, but that is meaningless because specs are balanced around what the top 5% of players can do.

Unless you’re parsing 95 on average, you should absolutely not be looking at that. And if you’re talking about class balance in general, especially this early on in a tier, it’s a worthless metric.


I too want a BM hunter with massive aoe in pvp. So yea…hook up PVE.

I want mobility, full dps up time (can’t aimed shot while moving as MM) and nice AOE boost. It make SR and hanger zerg fights in WG and IOC way more fun.

They had insane aoe burst since last patch. But MM is still on top. Idk why they would nerf SV when MM is ahead.

They also are melee and don’t have as much uptime as MM hunters. Plus when people get double legendary plus 4 pc everyone will probably be around the same amount of op. Which is fine for the last patch.

The meta will form next week when 4pc and double leggo are considered requirements for pug group content.

The metric I posted will be used to form this meta.

That’s fine if you don’t pug, but if you do, God help you if you are at the bottom of this list. Ask Feral how that’s worked out for them…

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“we” did?

See my first post. Some specs (like Surv) got +50% DPS boost with 4pc. Some specs (like BM) got effectively nothing.

The gap will be HUGE.

Yes, “we” did.

" Beast Mastery
We have read your posts outlining some issues you have with your upcoming Set Bonuses with regards to AoE damage. We don’t have any specific details to share in this post of what is going to change, but are currently planning on adjusting your 4-piece Set Bonus before it becomes available in the upcoming weeks. When we have more finalized details, we’ll be sure to let you know."

Followed by our “buff”:

It was a whopping 0.4% AoE buff, and in the process they completely broke an entire Covenant’s rotation.

Survival is melee spec.

No guild is gonna gear you both a bow and a melee so that you can switch freely. Lol. You talk as if switching specs is a given.

There’s a reason why players don’t roll SV. You sign up a a ranged spot then you snatch a melee spot.

There’s only space for 6 including tank and monk/pala heal to smell the boss butt.

And besides, melee does not do mechanics. It’s a ranged job.

I guess blizzard don’t understand their own game

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Hasn’t the rwf kinda proven you wrong? A lot of fights are extremely melee friendly.

Having a hunter in your group that can play both bm/mm AND surv would be an invaluable asset.

I got here then realized this is ragemode… sigh… rip 30 seconds I will never get back.

to bad we had to get the bow (and quiver). most hunters never got them

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For the new meme, well I will try to make it one…

it was a rogue weapon

not sure how that got off the whiteboard.

Simple if then else conditional all that was needed.

If rogue
then no bow table roll
hunters roll bow

Hell, at this point I’d be happy to SEE the bow drop.

Oh noooo two weapons

Are we talking like, proper guilds or mythic rwf sweatlords, because I doubt those guys are whining on GD

If MM gets nerfed, I hope it’s a wrist slap and not a neutering.

M+ numbers with 2-piece are already insane. I don’t even want to imagine with dual leggos and 4-piece that a lot of people will be picking up later this week and into the next one.

the bow was a measly dps increase

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My take on this patch would be that it’s certainly far from the best for us but also not to the point of ‘do not play, do not take’.

Even with the numbers as they are there are 6 times as many BM parses as there are Survival and it’s likely a consequence of the nature of the class itself - it will never be an unpopular class.

I agree with Dratnos where he ranks BM as C in both Mythic+/Raid. Viable for Normal/Heroic and up to 15s. Not really sought after super high keys and 0-1 at most in Mythic raid progression.

It’s “do not play, do not take” because the other 2 class specs are bonkers right now.

Lust gets hunters a slot in M+ pugs. If MM and SV stay hot, no one gonna take BM. See Feral vs Boomkin.

Feral as a core class suffers issues in m+ that are difficult to overcome. Night Fae their best covenant prefers celestial aligns which when used prefers single target. The set bonus was meant to help this but has been nerfed.

Yet for BM even if we look at the logs that you link - look at how many BMs are actually attending. Even if you go into the pages there’s a decent representation.

With that said heck I’m a BM main so by all means I do hope they buff the class. It’s only to my benefit.

Don’t tell lies.

isaw like 3 drop. one was mine on my first n syl kill

a week or so later i got a higher lev wep drop from a key i did, so i banked the bow and never used it again.