BM buff is not live or is nonexistent

Did several 5 minute tests before and after the hotfix on the same target dummy. Same exact rotation, same gear, no consumables, trinket, or CD.

Basically just base testing of the standard rotation without any other variables - aside from bestial wrath but that’s part of the main, base rotation honestly.

I’m getting the exact same numbers before and after. I wanted to see what a 5% to abilities buff did, as some damage doesn’t come from abilities - AA and whatnot (as far as I understand).

So my best guess is:

  1. has not rolled out yet, despite servers already reset
  2. the hotfix rolled out, but did not affect BM / is bugged
  3. The buff they implemented is SO small (only affecting offensive abilities) that there was no difference in overall output.

FWIW it was 3.0k dps before and 3.0k dps after. On every single test before and after hotfix.


I think #3, removing your no difference quote, but I will have to figure it out later this evening. I have a whole slough of tests I did last night so I will try later today and post results.

Noticing the same thing. Did an hour of multiple parses right before maintenance and again right after. Post-maintenance parses are less than 1% higher. Also took screenshots of the tooltips for my abilities and the numbers are exactly the same.


Bingo! You hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes fell like a house of cards. Checkmate.


Not simming any higher as SV than yesterday. Haven’t tested on a dummy yet. Hmmm.

I don’t think its gone out yet, my warrior friend said his master and commander didnt recieve its nerf either. So i dont think its live

The hotfix thread says “With regional restarts”. So unless the servers weren’t restarted this morning, it should be live.

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Well war was supposed to receive a 1 minute nerf on their master and commander rallying cry. And my buddy didn’t receive that nerf. So I assume it didn’t go through

I understand what you’re saying. I’m just saying that it’s supposed to be live.

The date on the class changes is February 1 and not February 2. To me that says they went live at some point yesterday and if, like me, you decided to try and do a “before and after” comparison, the “before” may have been after the actual buff.

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They specifically said after regional restarts, which were today. Servers haven’t restarted otherwise.

That being said, my parses today are consistent with my parses for the entire last week. It doesn’t seem like it went live or they screwed it up somehow.

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They haven’t went live yet.

Warrior’s master and commander rally is still 1 min cd.

It actually seemed harder for me to down people today than it did last week. My numbers still looked the same but people doing the same DPS as me seem to be able to blow me up in a few CDs while i don’t even see their health bars move. I had a warrior caught in resonating around a corner took multiple shots at him before he got to me/full burst but when he made it to me i was dead.

There is an updated build on PTR that was pushed yesterday, go try there. I bet that will have the updates/buffs/changes when it goes to live. (PTR) vs. (Live)

It’s definitely live, I don’t trust blizzard SO much that I noted down every number in identical situations and it’s basically exactly 5%.

They’re live. People are also forgetting they nerfed beast mastery by 5% before shadowlands went live.

Hence the reality of this buff it does nothing

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No BM hunter has forgotten :slight_smile:

I was coming on here to make the same post. I see no difference at all in damag/dps. I still finish a distant 3rd or 4th on the damage meter in low Mythic keys.

A couple of easy dps fixes would be to double Kill Command damage, buff Beast Cleve by 50% and remove the 5 cap target and make Kill Shot hit like it does for Marksman. BM Kill shot is way under tuned.

Early in the day it hadn’t gone live. Around 10:30 I logged off. When I got back on at 3pm it had been updated and was live. Not sure what time the patch went through but it def wasn’t live at 10 am like it was supposed to be. They musta not rolled the patch out at their normal time

You put your 5% in, your take your 5% out, you put your 5% in shake it all about… Sounds familiar to me!

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