BM buff is not live or is nonexistent

Take out 5%, then add in 5%, and the result is still a net loss.

5% of 100 is 5
100 - 5 = 95

5% of 95 is 4.75
95 + 4.75 = 99.75

Still missing a quarter percent at a time when 5% was seen a trivial tidbit intended to shut us up.


It went live after the weekly restart on Tues morning. They implemented it on Monday, but it was going live after the reset on Tues. I have logs of mine (my gear isn’t the greatest) and it looks like there was a buff there on average over 10 sessions I was up like 300 or so dps. Not a ton but better than nothing I guess?

I think you were right, the change wasn’t live yet. I checked today and the warrior’s master and commander nerf has gone into effect and the change to vantus runes also went into effect. It stands to reason that the BM dmg buff is also live now. Raidbots is at least showing it is.

I’ve been doing sims with raidbots and just now my BM patchwork quick sim (which I was using for approx single target dmg) went from 4794 on Monday to 4991 just now. I saved my simc addon text from monday and re-ran the test with that, so I know I’m getting a consistent reading.

As a comparison, my MM patchwork quick sim with all the same options (same covenant follower but with MM options) has stayed consistently at 4910.

Judging AOE dmg with raidbots I’ve found to be less accurate. I used the dungeon slice option I got a result on Monday that slightly favored BM’s damage, which didn’t feel right with me but other options I tried using gave very unrealistic results for both specs, although they did consistently favor MM by a significant margin. Anyways, Monday my MM dungeon slice quick sim was 5349 compared to BM’s 5499. Right now my MM dmg is the same, but BM’s increased to 5728.

It appears that these items got a buff that ranged from 5.1% to 5.22%
Pet melee
Barbed Shot
Animal Companion
Kill Command
Cobra Shot
Multi Shot
Bestial Wrath
Kill Shot

And unexpectedly it also increased my Wild spirit’s damage by 4.9%

My tooltips still show the same damage they showed on Monday morning, but my parses today(Wednesday) are now an average of about 4.2% higher than Monday. The full range of increased damage in parses was 3.6%-5.7% though.

This change should actually net a positive buff to cobra shot damage and Barbed shot, as they were not nerfed in the shadowlands prepatch, but are being buffed in this change.

I think this is one of those, “Let’s give them a false advertised +5 damage buff, when it’s a very insignificant, and let them assume that it’s significant.” Nothing new. I’m trying to tell everyone, “This is the upper echelon doing these improper adjustments with the intent to throw people off.” I’m just one person that knows what’s going on in blizzard. I don’t know the person directly but, someone I do knows what’s going on. It’s about the upper echelon’s selfishness and wanting to progress with their groups. If you’re not a certain class, which they use, then you’re getting nerfed.

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