Blues News: March 15, 2024

Blues News: March 15, 2024

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Where’s the new hero talent sneak peak scheduled for today?



Maybe. Ya know, just before the end of the work day :smiley:

this doesn’t need a announcement only if they are adding more tables


Greatttt. Now I think we might be waiting 6 hours to get the hero talents article.

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We’re out lookin’ for Blues News
We’re out lookin’ for Blues News
We’re out lookin’ for Blues News
'Cus we’re really bored!


And will be everything except monks or shamans

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It’s funny how they captured yesterday’s “development update” in one sentence. What a disappointment that was, lol.


yeah I was hoping for the previously posted hero talents.

Right? I don’t like need the dev update… but why give us a date that says dev notes coming… then 2 lines like that. It just doesn’t make sense


Seems things are going down hill fast…


Maybe I’m just too cynical, but this gives off one of two vibes…

  • Needed to meet a quota of blue posts, so quickly just recapped what we already know.
  • Hero talent preview scheduled today is going to be postponed, so want the most recent blue news post to not mention it.

I already know this won’t be a popular viewpoint, but this is what happens when they are forced to commit to constant news and updates.

Sometimes there just isn’t much to share.

Maybe they want to keep some things under wraps. Be it because they want to keep it a secret, or because they’re still kinda playing the field and aren’t ready to unveil it.

It’s not like the community doesn’t have a known history of pulling out receipts on things that have changed or outright disappeared.

That being said, I’m bored too guys. I feel ya.

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“PVP tuning”, just… Hah.

Buffing an ability by 800% is not tuning, what a farce.

Dh’s receive another slap on the wrist with a soggy waffle.

Cant wait for the new fomo event, the very thing that players have been upset with since the beginning, that’s been pushed on harder and harder. “Tuning” that seems to have been decided on rolling a d2 for some classes, and 40d20 for others.

This is fine… but then don’t give posted dates for note and updates and not give them lol. They don’t need to update us constantly.

Like your friend saying theyre coming over then texting you post mid night saying they fell asleep.


Yup. The fact they listed it as a scheduled “development update” and then provided almost no information is what made it bad.

They could have just announced the release date and noone would have cared.

And of course, the D4s development communication just makes WoW’s version look silly…since we can easily see both side by side on WoWhead

Yeah, in this case I think you are.

These recaps have been a heartbeat of the news for some time now, from back when people were frustrated with updates being posted in a variety of places and sometimes getting missed.

Sometimes things fall a bit behind schedule or plans change. I know the community is a little wound up at the moment, but we don’t need to invent extra angst.

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To be fair, D4 is in a worse state (or so what I’ve heard) then Wow.


I completely agree with you, that’s why I mentioned that they were forced to commit to constant updates. I don’t come here that often anymore, but I saw a bunch of “Where is the update?!? it’s usually posted by now!” threads yesterday. The community complained that there wasn’t enough communication (which I agree, there wasn’t), and Blizz vowed to start giving us consistent communication and news and such. Which sounds great from a community and PR standpoint… but then sometimes there just isn’t much to share.

So then we have situations like we have now where they had to come up with something but now people aren’t happy because it is just a teeny tiny nothing-burger.

No clue. They’re already hyping their next season so it can’t be all bad.

WoW hasn’t hyped next week’s patch, let alone the next season so it just looks bad by comparison. But at least we know we have to have AOTC before the season starts