Blues News: August 25, 2023

Blues News: August 25, 2023

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I just wanna say how much I appreciate the level of effort the team has been putting in to maintain strong lines of communication.

Stuff like this seems minor, but it’s really great.


Arthas would like to join us each week in WoW. But he can’t because you turned him into cake mix, Blizzard!


Varian became pistachio pudding mix. :confused:


What does that even mean…? Wouldn’t something akin to fire or smoke be more appropriate, not cake mix?

The gif says you are referring to smoke, but why not just say he was turned to smoke or fire, since wisps look like that?

He wasn’t turned to powder, which is that cake mix is.

Even this makes more sense because Varian WAS turned into a green powder.

Mind Soothe Hotfix**: NPCs with True Sight will now be immune to the Priest ability,

Now make it so all mobs in dungeons is immune to mind soothe and make PI a personal buff to the priest only. Can’t give PI to another player.

… It means they made Arthas go poof, and turned him in to a dust like substance.

I can, will and have been using descriptors as I see fit.

Go try and troll-poke elsewhere.

But he didn’t turn into dust… he turned into a wisp…


Nah, homeboy was just tryna save Lordaeron from further zombie attacks.

He just didn’t realize that Mal’Ganis had also unlocked Mythic+ keys for Strath. That’s why shiz got rekt.

We must sacrifice a pink haired gnome to a blue dragon to please the gods.


I like these posts. Please keep them coming

Blizzard: The cake was delicious!

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he was disenchanted by gul’dan and put on the AH, i used his dust in an enchant

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Listen here, Foxxy, you put the Arthas dust back where it was, at once!

We need that in place for when Blizzard comes to their senses (or for when Metzen comes and saves us). The Arthas Redemption Arc will be Legendary!

Metzen can’t save us because he is the one who messed everything up in the first place…

You just want to argue… because it gives you a sense of purpose? Because you’re lonely? Because…?

yea if nothing else this expansion, their communication with whats goin on w/ the games been ok.
the rest of the game not so much lel

I am just stating the obvious.

Nah, you’re just tryna be fighty on the forums.