Blue post: We are taking away all utility and not adding anything in return...Feedback?

Was this blue post a joke? Just seems to be a list of things they aren’t gonna give priests or things that are being taken away and talks of removing even more stuff in the future. All of this while admitting priests are lackluster. Disc is already dead spec. I guess I wont be returning for Dragongflight after all oh well.


Blizzard just say what you really want to say “We are gutting priests because they have PI”


At least uncap Void Tendrils.


My biggest complaint about void tendrils is that you have to be in melee to use it. I don’t see why it can’t work similarly to shadow crash or casting it on a target spawns tendrils to all mobs within X range around it (even if capped)


I like how they allude to removing mind games and Power Word: Life to soften the blow for when they do.

Something tells me death knights are keeping abomb limb and warriors keep spear though oh yeah can’t lose that!


Easily the most combative Blue post since GC’s posts about shadows state in 3.1.


The issue about utility flip flops all over the place.

In 9.0 Holy Priests, Resto Druids, and Mistweaver Monks combined were like 7% of the healers that killed Mythic Sire.

The reason is that Disc Priests, Resto Shamans, and Holy Paladins all brought damage and damage mitigation and the world first guilds stacked them like crazy.

Now Holy is the most popular spec in 9.2 despite the fact the only difference between 9.0 and 9.2 is +10% healing and buffs to Divine Hymn/Symbol of Hope.

Mass Dispel in itself is utility as there’s multiple boss fights where you had to use MD on it. Like I don’t even know how you would do Mythic Anduin without mass dispel…

Shadow Priests are simply brought for their single target damage and nothing else atm. It’s the same boat with rogues. At least in the new expansion you can actually do real AOE damage instead of the joke we had before.

Heroism/Battle res ends up becoming redundant when you have 20 people in the raid with a lot of times overlapping abilities. It’s pretty rare or you’re having a bad night if your Mage, Shaman, or Hunter doesn’t show up for heroism.

For M+ Resto Shamans have the upper hand because it’s easier to build comps around them than any other healer.

Then you have the engineering knife where everyone can run around with a battle res for M+ and stuff.


If they really go through with what’s been said in their blue post, I’m assuming other healers will lose their interupts (maybe not all of them), and other classes that gained aoe-stuns/knockbacks should lose them too since they want to move away from those.

We are probably overeacting, but that’s probably the only way they will listen if priest is the only class to which this is applied…


I would bet money they are not removing interupts/knockbacks etc. from other class/specs for 1 simple reason…

I think they are really strapped for time in order to start testing M+ / Raiding / PvP and then needing to do that balancing of all of those things in time before pre-patch.

I think the “reasons” they gave are just a placeholder in order to justify pencils down and moving on with the last part of beta.

Then I would wager some time down the line be it during major patches in DF or the next expansion, they will come back with…

“We have re-examined what the Priest class strengths and weaknesses are and will adjust things accordingly to better fit what we think Priests should be capable of and what they bring to the table that aligns more with what the rest of the classes bring”

Or something along those lines… basically giving them an out to finish the design.


That sort of thinking isn’t going to sell me a copy of dragonflight.


Well I am in the middle of a similar situation for my professional work atm lol. So I thought it was funny timing.

I was given a task to do last minute because of some miss communication and now we are just packaging up what we got and will revise/comment at a later date. Just to get it out the door into the clients hands so they have “something” instead of “nothing” lol.

Because of this… and its not the 1st time this has happened. That’s what I gleam from the bluepost. It just seems very familiar to me as I have dealt with similar language often enough to see it for what it is.


They got a lot to do for this class. no excuses this year…Those 3months are weighting on them


I think this is due to PI, since it is the most powerful buff for a party (except lust). This way, it would make sense to me why they removed shining force and not give it an interrupt.
so you have two options:
1- give them a PI for each healer (giving different stats like vers, crit or mastery)


2-make the PI can only be used on the priest or eliminate it.

With either of those two options, they can give you the green light to return your utilities and give you the interrupt you need.

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“We understand your concern about priests lacking utility, but all the other classes have too much utility. Thank you for your sacrifice.” :crazy_face:


“Frankly, that’s a skill issue”

Except then they won’t have time or some other mismanagement will happen and then next next expansion pinkie promise!

All I’ve learned so far is that we should just play Warlock. They consistently come out on top every expansion.


Keep in mind, if they removed PI, and gave priest an interrupt AND mind bomb, we’d be a considerably weaker class.

People seem to be shifting blame toward PI and calling for its removal now in order to get a stun and interrupt or something. Those alone are not worth PI at all, and we’d need something pretty fantastic in its place if it were to go.

Seeing these priest players talk about how they would give up PI for an interrupt because of mid-level M+ is a little ridiculous. If that happens, they’re all gonna get surprised pikachu face when priests aren’t invited to M+ at all anymore because they aren’t going to even come close to touching the top specs there in what they bring.

"I have an interrupt and AoE stun now! :smiley: " “Cool so does the shaman. He also has fear immunity, life transfer, better focus damage, and brings lust.” or “Cool, the paladin brings that, plus blessing of summer, plus battle rez, plus DR, can bubble mechanics…” etc.


That would almost be fine, except it feels like they “re-imagined” priests in Legion, then they re-imagined them again in BFA (Lord, remember how pathetic holy priest felt stripped of any and all shadow and disc spells and until they added more borrowed power?). then they re-imagined it again in Shadowlands and ended up nuking disc after 9.0 and “solving” holy’s problems by just slapping 15% band-aids on everything.

It seems like they’ve had more than enough time to think about the class and come up with better answers than “oh well, we ran out of time again.”


Ugh also tier which was incredibly, incredibly powerful? Which is going away already, btw? <_<

Really wish Fae Guardians was a dual talent pick on the mind games nodes.

For pvp I find it a lot more fun of a playstyle and it makes me feel like a real healer.