Blue post saying you can drop 30 CR under a rating threshold and still upgrade?

I’ve read a lot of people saying that you can drop 30 points under a rating threshold and still upgrade your conquest gear. I’m 2140 RBG and want to do some RBG with friends who are lower rated, but I still have two more conquest pieces to upgrade. Is there an official Blue post that mentions this? The only relevant post I could find doesn’t mention this at all: PvP Rewards and Item Levels

you keep duelist till 2070. if you drop to 2069 then youll have to get to 2100 again to be able to upgrade

as far as a blue post ive got no clue thats just from experience

glad wins also count from 2370-2400 which is weird but i dont make the rules


Just farm some honor real quick homie :sunglasses: :money_mouth_face:

what’s the biggest - you can get on a loss? -27 or something? Maybe it’s to protect people from having to restart after a bad queue? idk. like +1 +2+ +2 +3 +2 +3 +2 +1 -27 lmao.

im not sure, but to lose almost 30 rating would have to be a huge mmr gap. id imagine its just a quality of life type thing

It’s to try to get ppl to queue instead of sitting cr probably, even though it doesn’t work rn due to how inflated some brackets are.