Blue post about bots

I imagine you aren’t paying that much attention since you probably don’t give a sniff whether a character is a bot or not. You seem to say you mbox so you probably make what you need doing that. I’ve observed mboxers and botters for years and I have a fairly good idea of the difference, and I’m sure that you, as a botter, know the difference too. I’ll leave it to your experience to figure out how I, and others, know the diff between a normal player farming for their own use and a bot.

Edit: And you comment about it being pointless for Blizzard to do anything is bullcrap. If that was the case, the game would be overrun with cheaters, exploiters, botters and harassing players. They have rules, they enforce them repeatedly. Its just that botters make it harder to deal with them because they do it professionally.

I can fully tell the difference and you raise a good point that as im multiboxing im not in farming zones as often and not exactly paying as much attention to it. From my experience though im not seeing many if any but let me ask are you seeing just as many in classic or more? I would argue based on the forums its its greater in classic and that comes down to its the more profitable one to do it in and its only profitable because a player base makes it so

Even if it took a week I would jump for joy

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You suggesting it’s, “pointless” for Blizzard to uphold their own rules and fix the game for its actual players is defending their inaction.

No its not is stating that as long as a market for it exists and its profitable then its pointless. They made selling drugs illegal and punish those who do it but we still have drug dealers as its profitable and the market exists

The war on drugs was a racist war. That’s partly why. It’s also not effectual as shown for how long it’s been going on, how much money is put into the system, and how little the results are. Plenty of other countries either de-escalate the penalties, or outright make them legal and put that money that would normally be spent policing these people into systems to wean people off it… and it works. Also a lot of money is spent to keep non-violent, “criminals” in jail for drug charges. Also bad timing. Right now the US is in the middle of a revolution specifically about police.

Also, what you’re suggesting is that the police stop trying to bother with fighting drug crime and instead civilians would be responsible for it.

I don’t have any capped Classic characters so my characters arent in zones where a lot of botting takes place. However I have friends who do and they assure me it is, in certain places and on many servers, fairly rampant.

The most obvious purpose of botting in a professional sense is to make gold in order to sell it to players, since gold is far, far more difficult to earn in Classic than it is in retail. If Blizzard created some form of token system that worked within the Classic parameters, it would probably resolve a lot of botting issues. How they’d do that I don’t know since gold is less common and therefore the tokens would need to sell for far less on the AH. But other than doing something like that, or having repeated rounds of bot slams, I don’t know what the answer is.

However, doing nothing because something is ‘rampant’ is not the answer. That’s just letting the baddies run the game.

Not American so no idea what you guys are dealing with but as country that racism isnt a thing in the drug reference works

I’m Canadian, decriminalizing and taxing a specific harmless drug brought in a lot of revenue and removed a key money maker for drugs.

That logic applied in game would be to make gold selling and botting fine and im sure nobody wants that so not a good argument.

Right which is why I didn’t bring it up as a good argument. You brought up the war on drugs, and tried to use it as a reason that Blizzard shouldn’t bother with banning bots. It’s not the same thing, as it costs so many more resources for law enforcement to initiate, prosecute, and execute the war on drugs whereas Blizzard wouldn’t need all of that.

Also Blizzard monitors us. Or can, but don’t.

I used it as an analogy another would be human feceas. You dont see markets for it as its not profitable it comes down to supply/demand and profitability

Botting needs to be the only topic in this forum until it’s addressed and fixed.

and you never will. they will continue a ban wave every 1-3months (yes theyve literally done 3(+?) ban waves so far.

you will never get a response about any changes unless it’s about an exploit.

you guys will never ever get it, will you?

the game is remaining the SAME as it is now, unless its about an exploit.

this makes vanilla players like myself very happy, and the rest of you on here are a cesspool that already won once turning vanilla into retail and it must drive you guys bananas that you cant do it again.

While I understand where you’re coming from, you have no business putting in your two cents towards something that doesn’t involve you. You are irrelevant in sharing any input that doesn’t concern you.

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You do realize thats the same logic as saying anyone who supports the blm movement who isn’t black has no right or allowed to as it doesn’t affect them

No, it’s not. I’m not getting into this type of conversation with you.

expect a post in about a month and a half saying they’ve noticed a potential problem involving bots and they will look into it in the following 6-8 months and take the appropriate action at that time.

I was warning about multibox/bot cheaters before this even launched then more into the launch. I was regularly mocked by ignorant users, and downright censored off forum a few times by Blizzard it; but now look where you are.

My 2 months left will go past that date but I’m not renewing, as it is. I bought a 6 month at launch then another 6 month after that. There won’t be anymore sub purchases off me until BC. I hope all the multibox/bot subs are good enough for them because more and more of us legitimate players will be hitting the road.

the only problem is: Blizzard is going to screw up TBC too.