Blue post about bots

Well, we have a infestation of bots on wow classic. At least show you are trying stop theses bots, your customers deserve respect.


Small indie company, by the way.

DDOS them and they’ll pinpoint your address and send the authorities at you, but they can’t just manage to ban cheaters I guess.


2 thoughts here:

  1. I agree, Blizzard needs to improve their ability to communicate with their customers including World of Warcraft Classic players, including hot topics such as “botting”.

  2. As the customer, you hold the ultimate power, absolute. If you disagree with Blizzard, you can immediately “defund” the company by ceasing any and all financial relationships you have with them. You exercise this ability by deciding to no longer buy their games and pay their subscription fees. Until you do this, Blizzard will likely see your issue is inconsequential, as realistically, a company that has fiscal responsibilities will likely only respond to topics that impact them financially, and this is by design.

They have been conspicuously silent on this issue lately, haven’t they? This forum is filled with threads about Botting being a problem and we’ve seen zero official responses from Blizzard.


Blizzard has been silent on a number of issues that are only getting worse. Why I have no idea - other than that they have little to no oversight of Classic. A small team of human GMs would be able to clean the bot problems up in under a week.

Why are you posting on every single thread defending gold sellers and bots? Sounds to me like you have a horse in this race.

Your day will soon come since Bald Man has picked up this fight and he never loses not even to lgbtq community and that’s saying something.


Everyone unsub on July 4th 2020. Complaining about bots for the last few months has resulted zero action by Blizzard. Not even a Blue Post.
Time to speak with the our collective wallets.


I believe you have me confused with another as I have not defended gold sellers in any fashion.

With regards to “gold sellers” specifically, I view it as I would view any other aspect of life. Many people share many views with regards to this topic, however, it must be assumed that a great many people agree with “gold sellers” as the market for such consumers would appear to be substantial.

My view is that the topic of “gold sellers” is something that Blizzard is not correctly addressing from my point of view. My view is that they either need to directly support it or directly disallow it and act upon this decision.

For example:

  1. If they disallow it, they need to immediately ban those consumers who purchase gold, create tools to catch those who are farming gold, and be more communicative to the general public about their efforts.

  2. If they allow it, they need to create tools to better regulate the safe transaction between a consumer and a gold farmer. Charge a fee to better facilitate the transaction and ensure the proper civil and legal implications are handled. Better communicate to the general public about the tools and processes around this.

In other words, take firm action, one way or another. From my perspective, this is not being done, and this creates a murky zone in which the general public does not feel comfortable with “botting” being an apparent every day occurrence.

Damn dude that’s a lot of words to say nothing. I’m starting to think you are a bot as well.


Realistically, they could just contract that out if they don’t want to bring anyone on full time. Bring in a team of temps. They just either don’t want to spend the money or they’re waiting for the player base to ask for the token.

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I think they’re boosting their subscriber numbers by not banning the cheaters, and are looking for a bonus after the next financial report which then they’ll ban them. Maybe.


This would completely solve the problem honestly. And it might actually be easier than banning the bots constantly.


What we are seeing here is real-world economic principles being demonstrated as equally effective in-game as it is out of game. So with that said, your statement I believe would be 100% accurate simply due to the relationship of supply and demand.

As supply becomes limited, demand goes up. As demand goes up, the cost for that demand increases. As the cost for the demand increases, consumer threshold advocating for that demand will decrease. In short, as gold supply decreases, demand increases, price goes up, consumer demand lessens due to price point pain, price then decreases, equilibrium is met, with that new supply/demand price point equilibrium likely being dramatically decreased than what it is today.

Did you write The Last Jedi?

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No, and I definitely would consider that statement to be a personal insult.

The Last Jedi was a poor addition to the legacy that is Star Wars, especially the original movies. That said, I think your question was really funny :sunglasses:

Ear muffs are on , Blizzard might as well be in Antarctica atm.

This is the company that spews crap like gamers first ,spirit of fair play , we are listening to feedback , lesson learned etc etc , when they do talk its complete garbage.

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They were virtue signalling earlier, but that’s easy and doesn’t risk the ire of their Chinese overlords.

they are tying but not enough. on chinese servers, 210k accounts are banned in one week, which is posted in their blue post. but still not enough.

They did give a blue post response and explained it very well. They ban bots in 1000’s every week but they just make a new account and do it again as its profitable as the player base pays real money for gold and boosts. You want the bots to go then it needs to not be profitable for them to bot and the only way to achieve that is for the player base to stop supporting them and paying money for services and gold

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Weird that they claim to ban thousands of bots a week, but the same obvious botters have been logged in 24/7 and are still there now on my server. Odd that you’re taking Blizzard’s side when they’re pushing the blame on us.