Blue post about bots

Cause its the logical reasoning.

The odd things is, they punish people for breaking the rules in battlegrounds, eg:

And yet apparently botting does not seem to warrant the same response. Does botting not violate Blizzrd’s Code of Conduct? Did this action not involve bots, as stated?

It’s difficult to understand the thinking, really.


Uh huh. Not that Blizzard refuses to hire people or pay attention to Classic, it’s because the playerbase is at fault. Suuure.

What about the fact many obvious bots are still unbanned?

So blizz bans them they make a new account and do it again it takes less than a day to hit max lvl and the gold is not tied to the botting account so it affects them is 0 actual way. As long as players are paying for that gold that pays for the next account and sub plus more and they are then the ban achieves what?

It does not take less than a day, and ten minutes of attention from a GM can set back a bot weeks - but they aren’t banning them. That’s the entire problem. You’re making excuses for Blizzard, and not actually using logic like you claim.

You’re seriously wrong in so many ways.

The average speed lvl yime of 1 - 60 is now 13.5 hours how is that not less than a day now? How is it setting back weeks? When none of the gold or resources are even on the botting account. I don’t think you know how they work

That’s absolute garbage, unless you’re talking people who only boost - and bots won’t be boosting, unless other bot accounts boost them. And again, a small amount of time from a GM will cause the botter to waste a lot more time. You’re not addressing that.

I think you know a little too much about how they work. Hmm.

As someone who used to bot and sell gold from classic to cata before leaving the game came back for legion and enjoyed it enough to stay I can safely tell you thats how it works and a banned account think a had about 6 or 7 over they years sets back absolutely nothing

Say what?

The latest speed record on levelling 1-60 is apparently 36 hours, and thats speed-aided.;


Ahh, so what you’re saying is you’re a botter, and are making excuses for Blizzard as to why they shouldn’t ban you. Gotcha. Also you just admitted Blizzard doesn’t ban accounts enough, as you botted for years with only a handful of bans.

Thanks for proving my point.

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Like I said botted from vanilla-cata I don’t play classic and aint nobody botting in retail (maybe cause with the wow token it isnt profitable?)

If you don’t play Classic, why are you here? Rather suspicious you’re so vocally defending Blizzard’s inaction on banning botters in a game you don’t play…

Again I say, what?

I have personally seen numerous botting toons in BfA zones. And I’m sure many others can confirm this. You need to straighten your facts out before you drop them.

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Where? I see mee multi boxers im one of them but botting can’t recall seeing any.

You probably don’t see any because you multibox bots and aren’t actually playing.

Oof. You revealed yourself.

Cause forums are forums and the same principle still applies. I cant tell you what gold sellers make now but back 15-10 years ago when I was 15 at the time doing it I made about 6-800 a week selling gold a bammed account set me back 50 bucks so it was no big deal. The point im making is that if a player base is paying for it to be profitable like it was then it will never stop

Multiboxing isnt botting what reveal?

This is an entirely different part of the forum. If you don’t play Classic, why were you even looking at Classic to begin with? Why specifically go into threads talking about the problem of botting in a game you claim you don’t play, to defend Blizzard’s inaction and failure to ban the botters that are infesting the game? Why are you so adamant on suggesting that banning bots is completely ineffectual?

I fully believe at this point you do bot in Classic, and in retail. You’ve done all but outright admit it at this point.

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If it was something I continued to do I wouldn’t have said I did. And in no point did I defend blizz for not taking action just pointed out its pointless for them to do so and why