Blood Knight Lore

Do you enjoy it? It’s origins? How it evolved?

We started out siphoning magic by force from a divine being, a naaru. Like magic vampires. Kind of a darker paladin order which I enjoyed. But now we get our juice from the sunwell. Part of me misses that dark past. Now all the paladins are back to being goody, good. We were the only morally grey paladins and now that we’ve found our redemption we have none. The idea of stealing something pure and good as the holy light in order to use it is fascinating. While I like the redemption over-all. I find it missing that lore. Missing the more wicked type paladin.


A lot of people critique how blood elves kinda feel just like humanlite with the focus on the light and the redemption with the sunwell me included you aren’t alone there. The only way I can see is for them to focus on darker aspects of blood elves, the light siphoning paladins seem to have been written out after TBC entirely unfortunately.


Blood Elves as the playable High Elf race I’m happy the Sunwell was restored for them. And enjoy the progression of their story, they’ll always be survivors / the main population of Elves that stayed and rebuilt Quel’thalas.

As far as how that pertains to Blood Knights it was my understanding they left it open ended that you can see your Paladin as one of the newer outlook types or having the original mentality by seeing the Sunwell merely as a tool (though either way your power comes from that now not the Naaru obviously).


We used to be desperate, to be addicts. Now we have control. Now we we have mastered our own fate. But sometimes feel like our unique culture became too similiar to human.


I really do miss when the blood elves weren’t so bland.

We had magical vampirism, draining the light from the naaru and fel magic.

After Velen reignited the Sunwell we seem to have unfortunately become the newest human kingdom that just likes the color red.


I’d like them to progress the Sin’dorei story more beyond just the Blood Knights. I do miss our siphoning and how we became the Blood Knights but the story moved us past that. However there’s still political turmoil in Silvermoon between the three military groups. The biggest grievnce being between the Magisters and the Farstriders. I think that needs to be developed more and have a bit more extremist lengths with each side. Whether that be some sort of Blood Mage or the addition of the San’layn and then the Farstriders finally showing off druidism.


I enjoy it quite a bit.

People wanted High Elves so much that Blood Elves just kinda…became thems.

Personally I feel that’s a shame, 'cause you can have some interesting conflict with the struggle of retaining enough magic to remain sane: Wretched seem to have fallen way off which was an interesting concept.

Outside of political intrigue don’t think they have much going on right now.


It kinda feels like none of the individual horde races have much going on. :confused:


We’re on the exact same page, OP. I’m basically fine with where their lore has gone. It makes sense, and they’ve added ways to reflect it in game with the gold eyes. So that’s all nice. But they really were a lot more interesting back in BC. I leveled a second paladin back then just because thematically they felt so different to alliance pallies. This was also in part because they had Seal of Blood to further differentiate them.

I’m super excited for their bit of story in 9.2.5. I’ve not read into any of the details, so no spoilers, please! But I hope it’s cool. That armor is a dream come true either way.


Do y’all think blood elves would return to their dark ways if the sunwell would be destroyed again or would their faith sustain them?

I murder lots of things still. I wouldnt call me holy

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It sounds like you’re thinking of like a “Grey Jedi” archetype.

Does good, but operates in morally grey areas. I 'm with you that the Blood Knights have lost something that made their class identity feel diminished.


I liked the original story, but it had to switch over at some point I guess. Don’t think it would have been kosher if we kept milking that captive wind chime for power.

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I kind of disagree here. Zandalari Paladins are definitely not goody goody two shoes.

Unless they completely retconned it into oblivion then yes i like it. i’m partway into a long story/series/whatever focusing on a Blood Knight, so i had a lot of fun writing her trials as she trained and grew and all that other good stuff.

Blood Knights were supposed to no longer exist after Liadrin pledged herself to the Naaru and after the Sunwell. I remember how heated it all was on WrA, people not allowing the titles in RP addons, strict rules for guilds, etc.

I have no idea why that suddenly changed in Legion. I guess Blizz forgot their own lore again and retconned it.

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Blood knights is just the name of the order in reference to being blood elves. It had nothing to do with siphoning the naaru. The name. Blood knights were referenced afaik in wrath, mop, and wod long before legion. They never changed their names. Sounds like folks on WrA were confused or under an incorrect impression. Though it kind of would suck if you were super into being a magic vampire and suddenly blizzard decided to restore the sunwell and now narratively you can’t do that anymore.


And it was a name they dropped back towards the end of BC, because they were no longer siphoning a Naaru. They purposely dropped it to distinguish themselves from their past, where their own people didn’t even like them. The lore seems to have been retconned. This is the last remnants of what happened and all of Liadrin’s titles under her name were changed retroactively:

With the Sunwell’s rebirth, the Blood Knights have chosen to embrace it and to forge for themselves a new identity as they lead their people into a more promising future.[9]

I was there for the debacle of all the roleplayers calling themselves Blood Knights and the drama over how they couldn’t due to lore. The name wasn’t used again until later.

Is this your only source on this? Because “forge a new identity” doesn’t necessarily mean change the name.