Blood Elf Druids When!?

Blizzard. Come on. Been waiting over a decade, yo. Blood Elf Druids for next race class combo rollout??

Even midway or end of Dragonflight? C’mon. You can theme them out for Dragonflight with dragonhawk flight form? Zando Troll Moonkin’s skeleton/behaviors but with a dragonhawk makeover?

Come on. You know you want to, somewhere. Deep down.

Please don’t make me wait another 5-10 years… :sob:


If players of one race can have classes they could never have before.

Then I want undead druids. I want the undead to be able to have learned a form of druidic arts.

They have been priests for a long time and in a-lot of ways that makes no sense since they are undead and yet some can control the light (even though it hurts them). So then why can’t undead be druids?

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Druids will be the last class to be racially unlocked due to the development time needed on their forms. You will be waiting a lot longer - after paladin and shaman get their green light, probably.

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Think I remember an extremely juicy quote from a short plotline, engaging in some insanely obvious foreshadowing, that spoke of necromancy being more of a utensil of “art” than a source of magic. Pretty sure that would have to include life magic. But this is also foreshadowed by drusty stuff. Kul Tirans literally turn into dead animals, so… yeah, have no fear. It’s definitely a thing.

However, I’m personally more interested in finding out what kind of lighthearted but mischievous shenanigans blood elf botanists will be getting their now semi-dirty little elf fingers into to get accepted into the circle. Sounds fun.

Ideally never.


I mean, probably, but you’re assuming rollouts will be for one or two classes at a time based on rogues and mages for a few races who can’t be them.

idk. You know, like. Could be sporadic after that. More random.

Right when Vulpera druids come otu

Oh no. A wild warcraft purist has appeared! You know what’s even more comical about your post, though, is that it’s being represented by a night elf character! I’m melting right now. :joy: :melting_face: :joy:

And that is funny… how?


NO. That would be a perversive affront to nature to a degree far more offensive than undead druids. Please, anything but that… can you even imagine the horror. :nauseated_face::scream:

No, but I can imagine the horror of seeing Blood Elf druids running around. If I were to ever look to my left I’d see a Blood Elf druid, if I look to my right a Blood Elf Druid. If I look straight ahead, partially outfitless blood elf, if I look behind me, another blood elf druid. See the problem here? I’d feel like I was in a never-ending nightmare of Blood Elves, instead of calling our home city Orgimmar we’d call it Bloodigmar.


Um yeah….NO because we are better than that.

No, not really. Because you’re still going to be seeing everyone as a blood elf, in every shade and flavor.

#worldofbelfcraft :sunglasses:

But, if we were to ever have Blood Elf Druids, everyone would be Blood Eleves, we’d have to change the name of Orgimar to Bloodgimar. Because orcs no longer exist. None of the other races would exist BECAUSE OF BLOOD ELVES. You have night elves, use them.



Right after Pandaren druids.


Your bear form would be a fat panda, your cat form would be a tiger, now what about your flight form?

But seriously though, Pandaren druids would be so cool, not to mention, adorable.


Nah they’re too tall. And their ears are too long. Gets snagged on branches. And they probably got the second smelliest pits of all elves, right after nightborne.


You can have Blood Elf druids when Night Elves get paladins.


Definitely up for some tradesies.

We’d have forms based off the Celestials. Ox for tank form, Tiger for feral, Crane for Moonkin, Cloud Serpent for flight. Our swim form would be a sea turtle and travel form could be Quilen.