Blizzcon was a bust for Shadowlands

Was it just me or was there nothing of any substance shown or talked about regarding the future of Shadowlands?

We got a presentation about 9.1 but it was all so vague and nothing was actually shown visually like the new dungeon or raid and it was really just a re-hash of what was released by Blizzard early before Blizzconline. It makes me thing that 9.1 is going to be quite some time away.

Then we had the Q+A which apparently was all pre-approved questions and they’re always the same questions we get every year, new class/race combos - character customisation etc etc. There were no questions of substance about what can we expect in 9.1 or the current state of some classes/specs, hello survival hunter or anything else of interest. Obviously that’s a subjective statement but surely they could have addressed questions that actually require an answer other than vague rambling about bla bla bla bla.

I really wanted to be hyped for what’s coming in Shadowlands after Blizzconline but I feel like Blizzard delivered absolutely nothing to hype the forward momentum of this expansion.

Blizzconline was a Bust for me


8.1 Was a really disappointing patch as well. Come back next year I guess


Well, I mean…
Keeping it :100:

Shadowlands has been somewhat of a bust, so I don’t know what a patch is going to do.


Like what exactly we you people expecting for 9.1?


I mean… It’s a patch. What did you expect from a patch?

They aren’t going to announce “World of Warcraft: Corgis Unleashed” while we’ve barely set foot in the expansion.

I’m fairly sure that’s always the case.

There were some extremely disappointing moments in this Blizzcon like that time when they broke their previous promise that Customization would keep coming during the expansion.

We could have ended the whole thing without that one.

But you have to understand that Shadowlands was never going to be the focal point of this Blizzcon. All they had to announce was a patch.

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Gone are the days of patches being an exciting thing to look forward to. Now it’s one of two things…“Oh no what are they gonna do now…” or “Meh, nothing interesting really.”

Edit: Cov mounts looked neat. I won’t be here for them though.


I understand your point about announcing the patch but surely they could have shown a video or something of the new dungeon or raid in action. I certainly wasn’t expecting the moon but they could have at least thrown me a rock but instead I got dust in my eye.

I don’t know, this whole Blizzconline just felt really ordinary.

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The only thing I learned from Blizzcon is that Ion needs more sleep and the art team is getting shafted.


If this is how all Blizzcons are, I’m glad I got a free sample, because I’m not being a virtual ticket.

BlizzCon 2021 could of just been a press release and accomplished exactly what it did.

it was pointless and did not offer or showcase anything more than what a simple press release, blue announcement notes, and an accompanying 9.1 cinematic could have accomplished.


I don’t think they have one. I don’t think the stuff is done.

That patch is two patches from now. We are currently waiting for 9.0.5. Then after 9.0.5 hits, 9.1 test begins. Even then some stuff may still be unfinished and they will finish it while we are testing the other stuff lol

Right now what they have is concept art and plans. That’s what we saw.

They got the main gist of the patch which is expected and cool. It’s not far away, relatively. The 9.1 PTR will start in March and those always go for roughly two months of testing. I’d bet all of your valuables that it releases in May easily. And that’s about normal for a tier season too, good time for Nathria’s reign to end.

But we got a dungeon, raid, zone, stories, cosmetics. That’s a patch for you. They wouldn’t reveal anything beyond that yet, can’t spoil 9.1 before it even begins.

BlizzCon was really a bust for Metallica especially on Twitch.

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Every single patch announcement gave us some info and not all detailed till later down the months, why is this different?

I had a thread about feeling this exact way and I wanted to hear from those who had attended prior blizzcons if it was normal. I had even been convinced that maybe my expectations for a patch were just too high. Then it disappeared and now I’m just salty about it.

There’s no substance in anything I saw. The only thing I’m excited for is the fly mount for my necro and the new zone to play in even though I was expecting much more details about it and images.

I don’t share in the maw hate train as I enjoy the risk/reward concept and the aesthetics of it, but I just wanted to know more about what’s coming and when is it coming.

edit: and player housing ffs

Selfie TikkyTok Snappychat 2.0

You know, the usual stuff. Player housing, full solo progression to mythic-level gear, 16 new allied races and a total customization revamp.

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Nothing new, sorry to say, I mean from the experience.

Idk, I’m as hyped for 9.1 as I was for ZA.

I’m all for chasing blizzard with a flaming pitchfork but this is stock standard .1 patch stuff

I dare say it even sounds kinda decent

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