Blizzcon Q&A today!

2300+ comments…How many questions do you think Devs will answer today?

I’ll say around 27 :dracthyr_love_animated:



I’ll go with 9.

Oh yeah Pet battle Q/a , Time for some real news :+1:

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ETA when the live stream or video will happen?

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I haven’t seen any times and it wasn’t clear if this will be just a regular vid posted on YouTube. They didn’t give much info about this.

EDIT: Forgot to answer the question!

For retail: 10 (with tangents), 16 (without tangents)
For Classic: 12

Really depends on length of video and how much they ramble on when they go on a tangent.

Depends how long they filibuster on each answer… guessing 13(ish)

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6 totally softball questions of no consequence.
2 minorly though provoking questions.
1 that makes you wonder why it’s even on the list…

Give or take 2 in each category. Break out your bingo cards!


I dunno, 12 is a good number but…what time do we think they will be doing this or releasing it? Cause I meannn…hopefully it’ll be early-ish.

Probably only 23 actual different questions though

3 from the first page.

Probably simple questions and non technical.

My game continuation depends on Q&A.

Not too happy about the bird of pray been grounded having walking animations instead of flying animations, it broke my hunter fantasy that’s strike one, waiting for the other two strikes.

15 but only the easy ones.

Looks like it’s up.


Only the ones they already answered in the What’s Next and Deep Dive panels. That is how the Q&A typically goes.

Not enough.

QnA felt like huge letdown lmao.

EDIT: I only watched retail part tho.

Be assured no matter how many they answer only two will be actual questions.

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So far listening, it’s understandable questions but nothing special.

Lots of warband questions.

The professions answer was predictable which is a let down.

At least we know we’ll still get some updates in 2024.

Many of those questions were presented like “What are you plans about x?” and the answer was “Yeah, we got plans about x, next question”

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