Blizzard/WoW Should Embrace Streamers Rather Than Punish Them

Agree to disagree. When it comes to streaming and who benefits…it isn’t just the streamers who benefit via donations, its Blizzard too…point still stands and is completely true. Blizzard benefits too so if you don’t agree with that I don’t know what to tell you. Good or bad, Blizzard gets attention from streamers. It looks like you might be the one pretending here.

I wasn’t pretending streamers are after money. I’m sure a good portion of them are. I’m sure there are some who just do it because they enjoy it and the money is a perk. What Blizzard can and cant tell another company to do with something isn’t the argument I was making so I’m not sure what your point is there. Of course they can. Doesnt change the impact of streamers shining light on a product and any time they do, unless its sponsored, the company in question didnt pay anything and got the attention free of cost to them.

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Not all “basement dwellers” need to be a CEO of a company to be successful in life, and to assume such is childish. Its not that hard to fire up a video game, turn a webcam on, and start another program that lets people watch you. As said before, some of us do it to build communities free of toxicity because random LFG groups can’t handle losing a game without degrading someone. The majority of us work 9-5 and come home to destress and play with those who we have connected with through the stream.

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That is a small community or so called guild sized community. I’m talking about streamers who influence the games and there is allot of them.

I work same amount of hours and I don’t have time to turn on camera and let people watch me.

UPDATE: So after making this initial post I decided to change up how I post in Group Finder because my intention was not to advertise but rather to make my group available to my viewers. I had the following posted in Group Finder today “@Jailer (My name) Weekly Raid” There was no mention of twitch, no link, no mention of any stream whatsoever or requirement to join anything besides the raid itself if you wanted to kill the Jailer.

I received a letter in my in-game mailbox during my raid that said the following:

“I reported you in the Group Finder for your twitch advertisement. I am happy to do so again. PVE Hero.” The person then signed the letter with their name and server but I am not going to post it because my intention is not to stoop to their level of harassment.

If somebody is going into group finder and go through the trouble of searching a name in a group posting to see if the person is a streamer and then report them once they do how is that fair in any way. I was not posting the group to bring anyone to my stream and was not violating any rules according to everything in this forum thread!

This report alone seems like harassment as this person went out of their way to let me know what they had done. Again this GOT YA culture seems unfair.


I feel kind of bad for the OP. Didn’t take long for the vultures to circle in and rip him apart.


Well, that person seems to know you have a stream, and went out of their way to tell you that they reported you.

In order to trip the Squelch functions, or get GM eyes on it, it needs more than one unique report - can’t come from the same account. Chances are high that nothing will come of it, besides them getting their knickers in a knot and hitting the button.

Just telling you once is petty, but not technically harassment.
Unwanted contact is indeed harassment once you put them on Ignore. Please be sure to Ignore that person. That should also ignore any other char on their license (maybe Bnet account?) when you are on your char.

If they engage in actions to circumvent the Ignore then that becomes actionable Ongoing Harassment.

This article should give you lots of info on that, and tell you how to handle it.


Thank you for the information. My hope is that this is just a single bad actor. This person sent me a direct message however, my worry is there are a few people that commit this same act without informing me and a squelch is the result even when no wrong was done. Hopefully, I am wrong. Thanks again Mirasol.

Have you considered the possibility that YOU are the bad actor?

Of course, but I have made an honest effort to just post my group without being flagged as an ad. I think most agree that’s the case here but the trolls are out in force. The reason for the original post was to try to understand what I was doing wrong. The consensus was don’t post anything about Twitch. So I adjusted to make sure nothing referred to Twitch. I posted with my name and if you recognize my name because I am a streamer there is nothing I can do about that and there is nothing against the rules regarding that either. Pop into any popular person’s stream and you will see when they post in GF they use their name so people who want in know where to Que. It’s almost like because I am gaining some sense of popularity I am being punished. If my name was unrecognizable I wouldn’t get reported.

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I feel like you don’t possess the ability to hold a single train of thought or you’re being deliberately obtuse. YOU just called someone who reported you a single bad actor. When someone reports you, they aren’t being a bad actor, particularly when you’re the one advertising on LFG and, then, taking it into a self-aggrandizing forum post.

In the words of Illidan, “Boldly said, but I remain…unconvinced.”

Blizzard is looking at the game from a development perspective. It doesn’t mean that they’re always right. In fact, developing a game and actually playing a game are two sides of a coin.

That being said, I think that those advertisements aren’t that bad. You build a quasi community of players with similar interests which is good for the game at the cost of a mild advertisement.

What they should do is make a queue channel for twitch. Oftentimes twitch players carry other players through content for free; the only downside being that they sometimes require a subscription to their channel… but sometimes they’ll carry followers as well.

Where’s the harm to the game? It’s better than players advertising a website which can contain malicious software and usually their services would cost more than a twitch subscription… just saying.


The Illidan quote was a nice touch. Just look at the WoW community counsel’s response to me. They agree the person’s report wasn’t warranted that is why I called them “a bad actor”. My thoughts probably seem scattered because you hadn’t read the thread which is understandable this has gotten quite a lot of attention haha.

If you would be so kind, point me to the place where Marisol called someone who files a report a bad actor. Might you also point out where Marisol said reporting your advertisement was unwarranted?

In fact, I have. And, I wasn’t referring to the entire thread but, rather, your response to me specifically. However, if we look over the entire thread, multiple people have pointed out what you did wrong, but you’re cherry-picking that which you want to acknowledge or address.

You did bad. Own it. You are the bad actor, here.

Let me end with a couple quotes of you own words, though. Because, really, this is what you’re doing here.

My friend read what I wrote. I didn’t say Mirasol said they were a bad actor I said I called them a bad actor and Mirasol seemingly agreed with me. I don’t Mirasol would say the person was just “getting their knickers in a knot and hitting the button” if they were justified in doing so.

I was being nice to you but now I see your reading comprehension issues go far too deep for us to have a real conversation here.

How’s your reading comprehension?

An issue is that Streamers can essentially RMT that way by essentially selling spots in their random keys to people who sub/donate to the stream.

Thats why they dont allow advertising in the group finder and it can be reported

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That would be a form of RMT tho.

Also, you’re misquoting Marisol. The reference was to the mail the reporter sent you.

Honestly, if I’d sent the mail, it would have gone farther than informing you that I’d reported you. It probably would have asked why a non-AotC, 1691 IO tank is trying to stream and cluttering up LFG with such.


If by purely technical you mean advertising in the game qgainst the rules for a site where you gain personally, either monetarily or via followers, likes, etc. Which is against the rules. Then yes, purely technical.

The “im q streamer” crowd with 1 follower are so obnoxious. Go spam elsewhere.

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“hitting the button” referred to reporting my GF listing, not the mail that was sent to me. Again reading Comp-re-hen-sion