Blizzards new policy exchanges trust for cash

On the 1st of last month my three month subscription refreshed itself, and following blizzards 14 day refund policy for subscriptions I made a ticket to cancel the subscription and refund the remaining time.

<<<Subscriptions. We’ll refund any unused World of Warcraft subscription within 14 days of the purchase . We won’t refund subscription time lost due to a suspension and/or permanent account closure. For permanent account closures and suspensions longer than 15 days, we will cancel upcoming recurring subscriptions.>>>

I made a ticket on the 3rd of that month, which was within the 14 day time period and received no reply, I then made one on the 5th, and no reply. It is now more than a month later, and still no reply.

I understand that a company going through legal trouble would try to grab any money they can, even disregarding their own policies for short term gain, and if you had a strict policy of no refunds I can get behind that, but that is not the case.

You have lied to me, and this lie may have gained you a few bucks in the short term, but now you have lost my trust in the long term, and the sad reality is that we have both lost out from this.

Are your tickets on your tickets/archived tickets page?


Perhaps it’s a misunderstanding on one of our parts, but did you play the game at all between the renewal on the first and the first ticket you lodged on the third?

When they say “unused,” I don’t believe they mean it in a prorated sense.


They existed for a few days when I made them, and I can’t find them anymore.

You cancel the subscription via the account management page.


Subscriptions if set to renew, can be managed and canceled from the account management page:

If you do not see a next billing date and a cancel link, under the license for the wow game you want to manage, you likely did not have it set to renew.

You should have received feedback if you used the refund ticket page on whether something falls into the policy to allow a refund.

But if the automated part of the refund system referred you to put in a ticket, then you should have received a ticket number, which can be tracked using the system already linked.

I believe a blue stated tickets were answered with in 24 hours, but do not know the average wait time.

If you had multiple tickets in the system, it is possible that a GM merged them all under one ticket to help avoid the issue of having multiple staff working on the same thing. But you should have a ticket tracker in the my ticket history, unless the ticket was canceled on your end.

As most of us here are fellow players, myself included, sadly we can’t see your ticket history to collaborate.


I’m not sure what you may have seen, Reliablegoat, but the only ticket I can see created recently was one about 10 hours ago. That one appears to have been abandoned.

For these previous tickets, did you receive any email confirmations with ticket IDs? I have never seen a situation in which a ticket just disappears, if it was created a record of it remains on the account for us to see. If you didn’t receive a ticket ID when creating the ticket, you may not have completed the ticket process.

When creating the ticket make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page to continue through the creation until you receive that ticket ID.