Blizzards advice on suggesting changes

" One thing I will ask you to keep in mind however is that we generally prefer to avoid any solution that would force players to do anything they don’t want to do, or directly damages or diminishes their ability to log in and play the game"

Isnt this a bit hypocritical considering Torghast Korthia Maw Covenants Reknown was shoved down our throats?

Obligatory PR ending - Im curious to hear your thoughts on this.


Eh. I look at it as the same lie they told us about “sticking to roads so you don’t aggro mobs”. That one hasn’t been true for years.


I forgot about that hahaha

argus and suramar city really felt like that… but we’re on their turf

Just from Shadowlands alone:
“More alt friendly.”
“We are committed to transparency.”
“Covenants will be balanced within a percent of each other.”
“We learned from our mistakes of BFA”

Did they foot any of those bills?

I mean read these posts:

A lot of people even said “It’s a bunch of small stuff, they can’t screw this up.” Yeah these aged real well.


“We will be continuing heritage armor in the .5 patches in Shadowlands and we’re excited to show you what we’ve got.”


Still have PTSD from Nazajatar. Couldn’t walk two feet without having to fight a pack of mobs


where is that quote from? that is almost the entire game for me now.

I think they mean they don’t want to make ‘raiders’ do anything they don’t want to do. It seems they are entirely fine with making others do content they don’t want to do.

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yeah that’s classic not retail and that was too boring to read so I will have to live without the context.

basically suggestions for faction imbalance and people xfering off and servers dying

ok thanks. That classic team seems a lot more concerned with players happiness than this retail ones has been for years, since MoP in fact.

The retail team has gone out of their way on a number of occasions to try and force undesirable content on people.

I mean they force themselves on employees as well so what do you expect

lol, I guess too much.

The most consistent thing about Blizz over the last few expansions is their ability to fall short of expectations (assuming you still have expectations, at this point).


yeah it’s that line of thinking that got this game in the spot its in today
and like we seen in the scourge invasion of sl the event that was so amazing and fun in wotlk watered down to a sometimes a zombie will show up event in sl because the afk folks in stormwind don’t want to do it,

so i just feel like we are at the point that fun just cant happen


agree completely. waiting for more systems to fix the systems’ systems. Oh my.

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Raiders don’t want to do these systems grinds either.

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all i got out of all that was, it's a player created problem. Players flock to mega servers for greater opportunities, but at some point the boat starts listing. They offer up free transfers as the least intrusive option. Retail and classic suffers from players bein in a world where none of them can develop social recognition. Retail is infinitely worse

yet they ‘force’ players to use third party addons to make the game playable; i.e. chat mods used to global ignore in game adverts for boosting. they have employees who are supposed to police the tickets =/

After reading that thread by a blue in cc forum, blizz does not see capping servers for xfers as an option…

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