Blizzards advice on suggesting changes

Yeah pretty much starting after Path Finder was introduced

Blizz: Well since you all didn’t like our plan to get rid of flying, were gonna make tedious and a long process to get. Not only that but remember the roads that used to be safe .

Players: WHat do you mean used to ?

Blizz: :smiling_imp:


i don’t believe any of those were implemented as a result of player suggestions, so… not really, no

to be fair to the OP.

He then states:

The only thing players suggested was that all the systems were not fun during the beta.

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blizzard lying to our faces ? no way broyo ,blizzard going back on their word just to betray even more the shred of trust we had ? impossibru .
junkies on unemployment yes maning everything blizzard throws at em ? very real , common thing on GD.