Blizzard will never admit that Survival rework is a failure

A majority opinion is still just an opinion. I love survival, and most survival hunters I know love it.

It’s been 7 years, they’re not going to revert it. Why do yall keep making cookie cutter posts about it?

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No, no it hasn’t. I know this isn’t like, a typo because I’ve seen you make that claim before and be corrected on it >.>.

Posts won’t stop for a multitude of reasons. Besides, it’s not like time really matters here (though I keep arguing for a 4th spec rather than a reversion). They deleted old SV after 12 years, so I’m not sure using how long it has been around at this point is a good argument. That clearly isn’t an issue for Blizz.


Ya I guess if asking for something for years over and over worked we would had WOW classic servers by now.


i think SV hunters have a unique quest while leveling that tells them to go to the forums and defend the spec. seems very common.


You say you’ve seen me make this claim before however I’ve only got about 2 weeks of post history on these forums… so go ahead and try to find that post you’re making up.

Secondly- my fault. It’s been five years (I used WoDs release date in stead of the prepatch date that changed us to Melee). However, even considering that, Survival as a purely ranged spec only existed for four years (MoP Spec rework in 2012 to Legion rework in 2016). Survival was a hybrid for about 8 years, strictly ranged for about 4 years, and back to a melee focused hybrid for the last 5.

Let us play the Rexxar-themed hunter class, you have two other ranged specs to enjoy. You don’t need ours, too - don’t be greedy.

Lastly #4thspecgang. Survival should remain as it is, if ranged hunters need ANOTHER ranged options then let’s go for a fourth spec.

I apologize. I could have sworn you had before. I mixed you up with another poster who made that exact claim over a month ago.

So, my apologies there.

I don’t think I ever mentioned purely ranged, since the class itself wasn’t purely ranged until MoP. SV absolutely was ranged for 12 years, with the version of the spec most people remember starting in Wrath so 8 years.

I’m not trying to take your spec away from you. It’s not greedy for me to want what I lost back though, which is why I argue for a fourth spec consistently. I’m not here to take away your fun. Please do not make excuses for Blizz since the same wasn’t afforded to those who liked the old spec. The other two (BM and MM) play differently and fill different thematic niches, which leaves a good portion of the community unsatisfied since the old spec was outright removed.

It would be wrong to remove the current spec. Please try to understand that it was wrong for the old spec and that most people aren’t being “greedy.”


I honestly really enjoy MSV, probably one of the most fun and enjoyable melee specs to play. Now saying that, I did enjoy RSV to. I understand people do miss RSV, but I do feel it probably will never come back.

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Nah, they would tick off all the melee players, because who chooses a hunter to play melee when there are so many other choices?

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Those that want mobility and pets.

Says the 11th level Hunter, bwahahahaha… I can see your future little Hunter, here is your bow now go play.

Says the 139 ilvl dh.

My main is on eu, I simply visit these forums because it has more activity

I don’t understand why blizzard needs to give you closure on anything, TBH. I mean if you’re still playing the game after all these years since ranged survivals removal they must be doing something right…

I still enjoy the game. I could enjoy it more if, as a 4th spec, I had an updated RSV back.

I think it’s a good enough issue that Blizz deserves criticism on.


I’m sure everyone would enjoy the game if something they lost was brought back. I personally would enjoy my hunter more if arrows and pet feeding (happiness) were brought back, but there would be a rage from most of the community.

I’m not saying I don’t understand OP, but blizzard doesn’t owe anyone anything. This is a video game, and if you’re that unhappy with it, maybe this isn’t the game for those people?

I’ve enjoyed many classes over the years, including ranged SV. But things change, just like in real life. We just have to adapt.

Do you think most of the hunter community would be upset if RSV came back?

I don’t think anyone is saying that. The choice they made in how they implemented the current SV isn’t free of criticism and could have been done better. If we don’t tell them or don’t ask for what we want, we’ll certainly never get it, right? I can still enjoy the game while thinking what they did was ultimately an unhealthy choice for the game due a variety of reasons discussed in this thread and pretty much every other SV thread.

Not all changes are good changes. I have adapted. That doesn’t mean criticism should be silenced or stopped though. Why should we stop asking for what we want? If a sizeable portion of the community wants it back and keeps asking for it, I think its return will be inevitable to be frank. I want to make sure they do it right by adding it as a 4th spec rather than repeating mistakes made in Legion though.


I am sure most would not care. And majority would only play it if it was the top dps spec

I mean, I think the majority would appreciate having another ranged option again personally. But at the very least it does less harm than what happened since presumably it shouldn’t actually anger people (I guess besides the weird people I occasionally see who argue against a 4th spec??? No clue what to make of them to be honest).

I doubt people would care that much. The majority of the playerbase are slaves to meta and unless rsv was top, it would be treated just like bm is atm. (Kicked from m+ as soon as seen you are not meta spec.)

I’m not sure I necessarily agree with that. We can look at how many people are playing BM right now despite it not being as well off as MM for pretty much the whole tier as one example.

I do think some people will flock to whatever is meta / fotm. But I think a sizable portion of the community will continue to play whatever it is they want to play, regardless of the meta.

And will pay the price for it just like mm did in bfa or bm is paying now.