Blizzard will never admit that Survival rework is a failure

You’ve never worked in service or retail, have you?

I’ve been playing Survival exclusively for several months now and find it to be the funnest class I’ve ever played and I’ve been playing this game since the start. I have never tried Hunter class until SL came out, decided this would be the expansion to do it and I can’t believe I haven’t sooner. The entire class itself is very fun imo, all 3 specs, but I by far have way more fun on the unique hybrid Survival class. I have not raided with it yet, but everywhere else it fits in just fine and I excel in non-rated PvP/Arena (no partner to dedicate that with yet for ranked, but I imagine it will be above average).

It’s disheartening to see so much hate for such a fun and unique class. I am even playing Hunter in Classic now so I can try it in BC because I’m having that much fun with it. I’m obviously the minority, but I agree with the open mind comment because I came into this class that way and while SV felt wonky at first because it’s much different, I came to love having the choice of being melee or ranged based on the situation.

I’m sorry to those who don’t enjoy it or think it should be something else, but from an outside perspective, this class is dope af and different than any other in the game.


What does the Service or Retail industry have to do with Blizzard Entertainment?

“We’d prefer you not play survival.”

I loved playing Survival Hunter in the first few months of Shadowlands. It’s a fun spec to play. I absolutely did not love the fact that I was one of the top 100 SV hunters worldwide and an average Marksman/ (insert any viable DPS) was out-damaging me. That’s total BS.

My sub is cancelled until Blizzard figures out how to balance games at least as well as RIOT, of all companies. Sad.

This might work on you, but marketing a failure as a success because “we intended it to be niche!” is just that: marketing. Anyone with any shred of objectivity can still tell it’s a failure.

This is exactly what sub-par content creators do when they create something that doesn’t pan out; play it up as a success becuase it was “never meant to be popular”.

Huh? So ranged weapons just aren’t an important part of Hunters at all in your view? What Hunter class have you had in mind for the past 16 years?

In fact, Blizzard themselves defined Hunters as the ranged weapon users:

It doesn’t get much clearer than that.

Look you want to say Hunter should be 3 ranged specs… fine. What a fairy tale character SHOULD be can be the hill you die on. Congrats.

The whole point of this discussion is ranged SV provided more FUN to a hell of a lot more people than melee SV does.

P.S. Could you possibly pick a more cringeworthy character name?

Just review your situation and it should be easy to see why. You’re a Warrior with a fresh Hunter alt harping on about SV being super unique and fun; really what’s happening here is you stumbled across a Hunter spec explicitly designed for melee players like you instead of long-time Hunters for whom most of this class’s history has been entirely focused around ranged weapons. See the problem?

Besides; is SV really unique? There are just two specs in this game that use ranged weapons v.s. thirteen melee weapon users. Based on that alone SV is in fact less unique. Every new spec added post-launch has been melee. Melee isn’t a bold, new direction for Blizzard nowadays; it’s retreating into their comfort zone.

I hope you understand that Hunters back then all primarily used a ranged weapon, including Survival, and there are melee skills only for situational usage. It’s a far cry from modern Survival which doesn’t have a ranged weapon and wants to stick to melee as much as possible.

Survival is a melee spec with ranged capability. You’re not a fully capable ranged DPS in any circumstance.


I just miss RSV. That spec was legit. I dislike been told I should just suck it up because it happened five years ago. I am sorry no matter how long its going to sting. It was the most fun I have ever had playing this game. I just want to have that experience again. I’m happy you all love MSV. I just want RSV back.


They made it a failure because they didn’t even attempt to fix it up after they changed it; they just let it rot with out any work

Never had a chance

Not trying to be mean or something, but being in the Top 100 isnt that hard when theres only like 50 SV hunters raiding…

I like MSV, so it was a success.


That might be true, but you do understand things change. I have the original Paladin description, where it says Paladins are Tanks. As you know, Paladins could not tank nor had tank gear (just the blues from dungeoun that Arthas had destroyed…forgot the name) until the Dark Portal. So those descriptions were not exactly the most accurate.

Saying that to say, things change from when WoW was incepted to where WoW is today

MSV is “New Coke” of the WOW world… (all changes are not always a good idea).


That’s not even remotely comparable. Paladins were explicitly intended to be able to tank from the beginning; they just weren’t able to fulfil that in Classic because of monumental class design screw-ups at release (namely removing Crusader Strike because it was too similar to Heroic Strike or whatever and replacing it with nothing). There was no change in the identity and intent of the class. Meanwhile, Hunters were explicitly defined around ranged weapons and they were designed and implemented as such.

Yes, they did away with that when they made Survival melee, but the point is that ranged weaponry was absolutely the core of the class and they did have to break that identity by making SV melee. There’s no pretending that melee Survival matches the original class identity or neatly represents the roots of the spec.


Understood, nor I am saying curent SV is in step to the original description. I am saying things change and if you really want to get technical, ALL Hunters had melee abilities in classic. Blizzard has simple went 80/20 melee for SV.

Change has happened regardless if everyone was on board with it. I feel the change was great, I still support BM should have received it, but in the end Blizzard decided this is where SV was going, and this is where its at. I just want it to be fully vetted so it can be viable in the current game.

“Things change” is the crappiest and laziest of all excuses for bad design decisions. You’re not making any salient point here and are just wasting everyone’s time.

Denial + selfishness

As long as it’s melee in a class with two ranged specs (especially the only ones in the game that use ranged weapons), this will never be the case.

I say it all the time now but it bears repeating because the melee fanatics still don’t get it:

You will never, ever sell a spec on a weakness.


All of that is this.

YOUR OPINION. PERIOD. You feel this way and hat is fine. But in the end, its just your opinion. What you call weak, I call fun. I have a blast in pvp with this spec. Always have since it inception. Truth be told I NERVER ENJOYED MM. I felt it was to cookie cutter and just boring. That’s my opinion. Again, that’s all it is.

We all have them.

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Bruh you haven’t even reached level 60 with this spec yet. What are you on about?

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I don’t think change is the issue. We’ve had changes every expansion. Cataclysm is a great example of a massive change to the class (focus) that was well received.

Survival is an example of a massive change to the class that to the majority of hunters, was not well received.

With the initial change to focus, the class still played very similar to how it did in Wrath but with the added benefit of not potentially going oom or worrying about Viper/ mana pots. It left all 3 specs recognizable with improvements.

Survival change went against the core identity of the class for dubious reasons (like bringing back melee hunter which really wasn’t a thing). In the process, the spec became unrecognizable to its fans and spilled over to MM (which hasn’t been great for MM IMO).

They built SV for non hunters but it was shoved into the class and removed a beloved spec. It’s not the idea of change that is bad. It is how and why they changed the class that is a huge issue. If it was anything remotely like the change to focus in Cata, you wouldn’t still be seeing these threads five years later.

Blizz failed. Full stop. It should have been a 4th spec from the get go if they were determined to offer a melee option for hunters. Because they didn’t do that, SV is also in a place where it is consistently left to flounder due how poorly it has been received. Blizz will almost certainly never let it reign on top for more than a Tier at a time because of how much the community dislikes it.

Who is that fair for? Current SV hunters? Certainly not, who wants to be left to obscurity?

Old SV hunters? Their spec was deleted.

The change was bad. The idea of a melee hunter can have some merit from a thematic perspective IMO. But how they implemented will never not be a massive failure on Blizz’s part.


Bruh the forums profile is not up to date. I’m 60. Also what does that has to do with playing what you enjoy ? Even if I was not 60, does not being level 60 means you do not understand the game ?

I’m sorry but what? Who said anything about a 100% turn over rate for all of blizzard?

I mean FFS… I said specifically WoW and you jump to all of Blizzard.

But, lets be for real here, the people who are in charge of wow in Blizzard, are not the same people who were in charge for Vanilla WoW. Ion Hazzikostas didn’t join blizzard until 2008. The fact of the matter is while there still maybe, however unlikely still be 1 or 2 devs from the original vanilla team that still work on wow, the vast majority of them have other been moved to other games/projects or have outright left blizzard.

Yeah… they didn’t spend a lot of time in legion trying to fix things at all. And it’s not like it didn’t get another rework going into BFA. Yeah, blizzard made it melee and then just refused to touch it ever again. Hell I’m surprised they even made legendries for it…