BLIZZARD! why soar 30% nerf change makes no sense!

That portion of their feedback is what’s wrong with their way of thinking. As if internal testing is the only feedback that matters, instead of the feedback that should matter. This is the same logic and way of thinking they’ve used in many other asinine decisions in the past where they were wrong and the player base was right.

Their internal team found it, “fun” still, so they must be correct.

It’s an unnecessary change that literally no one complained about.


Deal but only if they make Goblins absurdly tall


I’ll take it


Ah yes the internal team composed of 3 dudes who only play the game when theyre testing and think players are all idiots. Yeah lets listen to those guys.


Surely since you are part of the Wow Community Council you can forward that information onto them? Let them know what a dis-connect that thought process is based upon player feedback.


Ive seen like 8 people on the community council pushing negative feedback on this. I have to assume Blizz is aware that everyone hates this.


I’m gonna assume the person who came up with this change was a affirmative action hire and never played the game in their life.


Blizzard has been pulling these shenanigans for quite some time now. This is not recent. There’s no reason to try and push in politics here. Let’s leave that to other threads/trade chat/4chan, aye?


Not gonna lie, i don’t know much about this ability beforehand, so mea culpa.

I did found this though. Not sure how relevant that would be right now. :point_down:

I did expected it would only work in the world, outdoors only, but what i did not expect is to launch you straight up in the air like that. I thought it’s just a “climb a mountain and dash yourself off” sort of thing, so that mostly changes everything from what i’ve said. :thinking:

Well you got me there, i don’t know any game that has “integrity” however you wish to define that, and be the worst game of all time because of content.

And it still is, that’s never in question.

I’ve been on 4chan for about 5 minutes and never posted.

Cool, awesome, grats.

What I stated, still holds water.


My inside source confirms that the dev who made these changes puts their head in the microwave for 10 to 15 minutes every day during their lunch break.

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This nerf is absurd, but if they plan to continue with it, then they also have to nerf the druid’s ability to gather resources in his flight form.


Thank the light, you put in headers.

Now let’s take a looky hooky and see what’s this all about.

Well i have one reason on why they might do it, but i’l save it for later.

…Or as some would like to popularly say it… “Their extending time to extend their money”. It’s about as half ridiculous as saying “they hate fun”, because it’s true they do try to waste your time for money.

/side eyes Diablo Immoral. :eyes:

I mean, any level 60 wouldn’t have too much of a reason to use chromie time and not just go on ahead to the newest expansion anyways.

Transmog/Pet/Mount farming, and the speed will certainly outrace those who are just flying over.

Well not to use one of the anti flying reasons, but doesn’t it allow you to fly over the danger?

And honestly, i always seen Soar more of a surprise attack then an escape.

…Provided if you can target the person using soar before they get too far and disappear out of your range. I mean 640% is faster then a flying mount.

The Saddlechute? :point_down:

No, that gives you a parachute in the event you get dismounted. It doesn’t stop the netomatic.

Granted, but given how it launched you staright up in the air when first used and you can use the downward momentium to gain speed, 3 - 5 seconds, roughly speaking is still fast enough time to get up to that speed (prior to the nerf).

That is true that we have other means of getting around faster.

I don’t know where you get the 5 minute number from, from my experience (and you can’t fly in and out of Oribos, you can only FP), the flight masters takes a minute or 2 to go from Zone to Oribos.

Which definitionally does put the usefulness of both Soar and Dragon-Riding into question, with it just being a fancier and faster flying mount with a turn speed.

Not to get technical here, but…

… If you design an open world game, there will be tons of loading everywhere you go, so it’s important to know the pace of your game or what is it going to be to better build around that. A game where you’re running like the flash, is going to need to be on it’s toe, constantly loading things in as things whizes by you. When in something slow, it’s only going to need like 10 blocks at fastest.

If you make a slow game, but allow you to run like the speed of flash, you’re going to see a lot of pop in, leading to terrible gameplay, as well terrible performance because everything needs to load but only limited what the slow game can load. conversely if you make the game where you run like the flash, but it’s slow, you’re wasting memory for no particular reason, leading to terrible performance, which affects gameplay.

And this is all assuming you have an SSD where these issues only become half relevant.

If you’ve …ahem… seen videos on how people are running very fast in an RP Private server, you may occasionally see them hitting an invisible wall, trying to load in a chunk of the world in. Like from One part of Elwynn to Stormwind.

Techincally… :pinching_hand: they can with goblin gliders.

But as a native ability? No.

I will still say that even with the new information that Dracthyr can launch up in the air like that in the video i’ve linked, i would still argue 5 minutes is pretty limiting.

…Again, that puts it’s useful-ability to the question here.

What is it with people calling everything they dislike “AFK”? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What, just because something doesn’t require you to push buttons for 1/16th of a second, it suddenly means you’re going AFK? I’m sorry, but if you (in general) actually think that, you’re the playing the wrong game.

Blizzard wonders why The Maw was pretty unpopular.

I get the idea of The Maw, but it wasn’t executed all that well.

You forgot about Vulpera’s custom hearthstones ala Set Camp, but i get what you’re saying here, you’re saying it’s fine to have advantages and disadvantages over certain choices you make.

Which not gonna lie, i would much rather have Draycr rogues, or Night Elf Envokers, and etc. I mean a lot of the dragon people have different moral forms, like night elves even (cough cough Ysera).

I mean if the only race that can use it, is so happens that only has it’s one unique class to it, i don’t see how it’s not a racial. But that’s just me.

As for overpowered, again, i question the useful-ness of faster flying with turn speeding and momentium, when things like Vulpera’s set camp, or even Mechagnome’s traits exist, or Goblin’s personal bank, or Nightborne’s Mailbox. I’m sure if any of the future new races get a portable auction house, that would be the most overpowered racial.

I mean… if you really dive deep in that rabbithole of making no sense, we can start with the dragons from dragon isles flying worse then the dragons from elsewhere, including our mounts.

Let alone Zandalari Trolls being enemies of the… Zandalari Trolls, and vice versa with Nightborne.

Honestly, i think that’s more of a problem then soaring, mogging imo. I mean at the very least, allow us to mog however we want with our Dracthyr in both forms, yea? Considering i’m going to be staring at my Dracthyr more so then Soaring.

I mean what people find fun is subjective, and shouldn’t really be used as an argument considering it’s not an objective unit measurement. Let alone used to morally judge people, like, i legit seen somebody while ago, calling people “The no fun group” as if to imply it’s morally bad to disagree with them. Now gosh, what does THAT remind me of? :thinking: :tea: :elf:

I mean it’s just ridiculous that now the concept of fun is being treated like it’s politics with this tribalistic “You’re either with me or against me!” attitude… And their the same people who tell us “This is fun”. :man_facepalming:

Hype in Video games are awful.

It just whips people up in a frenzy and doesn’t allow them to think what their actually seeing. And funnily enough, they also happen to make it pretty much like politics with their dumb “You’re either with me or against me” attitude… Because i guess some people want to believe instead of thinking. This is how we got Watch Dogs, This is how we got Alien Colonial Marines, This is how we get Warcraft 3 Reforged, This is how we get GTA trilogy defective edition. THIS IS HOW WE GET GAMES THAT ARE WORSE THEN PREVIOUSLY SHOWN. No skepticism or concern, or any critical thinking allowed by these zealous hypemongers. It’s pathetic. And it just turns me off from the hype of video games and push me into the “wait and see” person i am.

…What philosophy? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Seriously, what philosophy? That their making the game fun? I mean that’s pretty much anybody’s agenda while making any video game if you really think about it. I mean this game was made because Blizzard wants to see an easier version of Everquest, which at the time, i’m sure somebody don’t think that’s fun.



Honestly this change is just indicative that they havent learned a single lesson from Shadowlands. If this isnt changed by the end of the week you can bet theyll keep tweaking Dragonflight until its just as trash as Shadowlands is.


Simple solution.

  1. Put Soar back to 930%
  2. Increase all regular mount speeds to 930%
  3. Give all regular flying mounts the same mechanics of Dragon Riding mounts.
  4. Make the system to make Dragoon Riding better be universal, account wide and apply to all mounts so once you max it out, all mounts including Dragon Riding are the same.

There now everyone is happy. :laughing:


And remove the asinine cooldown!!!


Hey base flying is only about 12 years overdue for an increase

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I think there are a lot of people who would still like to be able to press a button and go from point A to point B while they are afk, also the speed doesn’t allow to properly detect the asets of the game in Dragonriding so surely you would pass the rares and pets battles before they loaded in the minimap, so I propose the following.

  1. Put Soar back to 930%
  2. Make Dragoon Riding available in all areas of the game where you can fly

Thats the best possible solution and the only one that makes actual sense