BLIZZARD! why soar 30% nerf change makes no sense!

That works for me as well. This would also solve all the problems and make everyone happy I think.


They are saying that Sore will give an unfair advantage in older content, I find it a bit crazy that they are worried about this now. What about Demon Hunters with their double jump and glide, especially in dungeons where it made it hard for others to keep up, or the worgen with running wild, the druids with travel form or the shaman with their wolf form? Those were all usable in the Maw leaving every other class to hoof it on foot. The covenant ability Door of Shadows from the Venth covenant was used to teleport form one point to another when doing jumping puzzles for treasures leaving the rest that didn’t go Venth to struggle, save for perhaps the demon hunter or lock. These were not nerfed in those circumstances. An easy fix to this is to keep Soar where it is at and simply enable dragon flying across the board once you have it unlocked. This will likely make most people happy and it wont involve taking any of the uniqueness away from a race that only has one class it can be.


Remember folks, they posted the nerf Friday hoping youd forget by Monday so they could ignore our feedback. Dont let them.


If I was a dev concerned with old area content farming due to dragon-riding, I would just add a potion in the game “Use: You transform into a Dracthyr and take off. You can now Dragon-Ride. Effect ends when landing.” Having a longer internal cooldown than soar. Then everything is fair, not that it needed to be in the first place… nothing is truly ‘replacing’ flying mounts, and they’d be able to implement dragon-riding into past content whenever they desired. This nerf is looking at the wrong problem.


Stop. Trying. To. Control. How. We. Play. The. Game.

So they just ruined it all by sucking the fun out. Who cares if the Dracthyr can fly way faster. All that gets you is to places quicker. It doesn’t give any unfair advantage and anyone can make a Dracthyr! Leave it to blizz to screw it all up and ruin something that looked/was fun. This crap is why I’ll never pre-purchase an expansion ever again and I’m glad I haven’t wasted my money on Dragonflight.


this nerf + the druid feral talents tree is enough reason for me to do not buy the expansion


Id refund if I hadnt used the boost already


That’s a very nice opening paragraph :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Glad it was a good opener for a great post. Did a good deal of work on it


Blizzard has been PHENOMENAL about listening to feedback and implementing changes based on said feedback. I want to start with that. HOWEVER… this is the most out of touch thing Blizz has done in all of Shadowlands, and we JUST started alpha. No one cares about “locomotive mechanics”, that’s not why we’re here. We’re here for fun fast flying times, and those mechanics should exist to COMPLEMENT that. They KNOW that 600 is not as fun as 900, or else all of Dragonriding would be 600. Just revert the nerf, and make it to where our Dragon Isles drakes can be used outside of the Dragon Isles. Don’t even bother fixing the old mounts (at least for right now bc I know your arbitrary deadline is more important than having the game be good). As a Warlock, I already have no mobility, but that doesn’t mean I want you to remove Roll/Chi Torpedo, Fel Rush, Heroic Leap, Double Jump, or Glide from the game, or even nerf it or give it to all characters. Just because other classes or races have something that mine doesn’t have doesn’t mean I can’t still have fun with what I DO have. Fix this.


Hello, I see you made a thread about nerfs. I am deeply saddened, and somewhat angry, over this poor change. The developers of World of Warcraft thought they could make this change with the poorest of reasonings. It is unacceptable and needs to be altered immediately. Its clear this ability should have been nerfed a minimum of double than it was. Once again, unacceptable.

Thanks for your post and have a great day!


Which many feel is another great con, in the weighed ‘Pros and Cons’.
I mean if they nerfed - then said it’s for open world too now, I’d understand.

… That being said, that inspires a cool idea – If they have certain speeds in various zones. Like ordinary zones they have the standard nerfed speed, then rise back up to greater speeds in the Dragon Isles and areas / zones influenced by Draconic power.

^ From a roleplay perspective, that’d give great intrigue to the world if various mounts had a ‘Type’ with their own individual buffs that would activate in various zones (e.g - Cloud Serpents having greater speeds in Pandaria / Racial mounts having greater speeds & harder to dismount in their respective zones etc).

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If they dont nerf Druids and Mages as well youll know their reasoning was a crock, because both of those classes have a huge movement bonus over Dracthyr.


Demon Hunters with glide on demand also have a huge movement bonus over other classes. Blizz reasoning on nerfing Soar is total crap and they know it.


I have 2 theories.

A) They nerfed it to slow the game down as a form of timegating or making us spend more time online doing mundane things.

B) They have much worse news coming and are using Soar to distract us from it.


Anyone remember the Anology Blizzard have used many times?

This is how I’ve been thinking about it

  • "imagine we’re an ice cream store (Blizzard),

and we have three flavors of ice cream.

  • We have chocolate, vanilla and strawberry,

and you have to line up for all three flavors separately.

  • So, imagine the vanilla line is way, way longer than the chocolate or the strawberry line.

‘What can we do to convince the vanilla people to like strawberry more?’

  • It makes more sense to say,

‘We need more vanilla ice cream!’"


i feel like this is that exact case?


We lots of folks did try to tell you all that it was just a gimmick.


Wish people that interviewed Ion would be more harder. Tired of softball questions, people need to start telling the game director to stop making sheet decisions


haha Aurek remember this in the dev interview’s?

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alot of people are really not likeing this Soar change i feel


It was only logical. :frowning:

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