BLIZZARD! why soar 30% nerf change makes no sense!

People will eventually get used to it and/or some will be really better at it. And the functionality can still change a bit.

At the end, you’re still rewarded for it being skill based vs classic flying by going faster if you manage it. The difference was too high vs classic flying, it got nerfed to a decent level. Maybe too much? Maybe. Maybe by nerfing the speed they can also reduce the cd? maybe. But letting it happen like it was, didn’t seem reasonable.

And in that regard, they can adjust as needed, down the road, no? They might still get backlash, but it won’t be to this degree and it will fade out faster.

I said this in the alpha forum, and Imma say it here - Blizzard needs some wins. When people like something, and are feeling positive about it, them coming in with their Me Blizz SMASH hammer, is not a good look.

I personally don’t like the way that ability feels with how it works. It’s just not something that interests me a lot, and with how awkward it is to get a feel for it… .idk, it’s just very “meh”, to me. But a lot of people do seem to like it, and were excited to see it.

To me, the major point that keeps sticking out, is that Blizz is up to their usual shenanigans of “giveth and taketh away”. With this Drak ability, with the slime kitty, with the Winds buff being given out as a morsel…

They need to stop their bs.


This is exactly the type of crap that landed Shadowlands as WoWs worst expansion in 20 years.

And to think they tried to claim theyd learned a lesson and now theyve nerfed the funnest thing to come to WoW since Mists to the point where literally everyone hates it.

Theyll never learn until WoW is on maintenance mode.


To me it seems as though someone on the decision end happened to actually see GW2 mounts in action. In my opinion they probably thought it would be nice to include something similar in WoW for this new race of dragons, but I doubt they considered how to implement it.

I played GW2 for a bit and all their mounts that I obtained were instant casts and some even worked like the Goblin Glider where you could activate them in mid-air. I doubt Bliz researched how GW2 mounts actually worked.

Unfortunately, unless they actually understood the mechanics GW2 uses for their different mounts, Bliz’s methods still appear to be clunky and not that great. For instance, they are not instant because we have to ‘summon’ our mounts. The only “mounts” that don’t require that summon function are the Druid’s animal & flight forms and the Night Fae soulshape, which are instant.

It’s a stupid change and I really hope the dev who thought of it realizes this sooner than later and reverts this dumb nerf.


Well they can do that now too. No reason to not fix it in beta while it doesn’t change what it’s ingame. This is the best time to do changes.

It’s not really give and take when it never existed in the live game… same as the slime cat.

Either Blizz will listen to the overwhelming negative feedback and revert this entirely unnecessary nerf or theyll stubbornly keep it despite universal panning and youll know exactly what kind of expansion Dragonflight is going to be.


So if I read this correctly, they wanted to give the Dracthyr a special racial ability but all of a sudden realized that it way outperformed all other races? Even the DH? Who were the only other race that could be that mobile? Surely that experience should have told them not to go overboard in the first place in this new race presentation?

The devs also took the time to explain exactly why the Dracthyr’s passive was targeted so hard, “Soar is important to the identity of Dracthyr. From the outset of the design process, we knew that Dracthyr had to be able to fly in some form, even if we didn’t know the specifics until later. But, Soar is also a Racial ability, and was never intended to be a massive efficiency or performance improvement over other races.”

And what about giving other classes who are dragging around an anchor on their mobility (I’m looking at the poor Warlocks who have to spend their life force just to get some speed).

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Yup if they refuse to revert this terrible idea that SOMEHOW got approved by other devs, then I know this expansion will suck just like the last few they ignored our overwhelming feedback on and it will just be more proof Blizzard as a company is just full of liars and can’t be trusted to develop our game to be good anymore.

The fact they thought of nerfing something so vital to the races identity over such a stupid reason instead of thinking of just enabling dragon riding everywhere to bring everyone else up on equal footing since this will no doubt happen in the future anyways is beyond me.

This is EXACTLY the same mistakes they have been making since before legion, or you can even compare it to legion with the legendary system on launch where people OVERWHELMINGLY told them how stupid RNG was before finally at the end they did what players wanted too late and added an NPC to buy them and this will be another case of that unless they simply put Dragonflying for everyone everywhere in at the start.


You know literally thousands of people have asked this but what is the advantage of moving around empty zones faster? Nobody has given an answer yet.


if blizzard doesnt change their mind about these things,

this proves they have not changed at all. and i’m scared for dragonflight and what other things they will change their minds on in dragonflight.


I mean the easy solution is just letting everyone use dragon riding everywhere. So there’s no reason to nerf the Dracthyr ability.

Also funnily, monk rolls didn’t have a cd early in development. Yea that got fixed… xd


When they bring in streamers to alpha, and tell those of us “veteran players” in the alpha invite that we are free to publicly post screencaps and info and such, then yes, what they are doing is bringing their plans to the public and advertising.

When they do this, they open themselves up to backlash and criticism. This is the price that they have to pay, for the pipers tune. They can’t expect to hype everything up, nerf things and not expect people to get angry, when the blatantly put everything out there.

People still want to get hyped by what Blizz has to offer. They want to be excited. They want to fall back in to WoW, and be immersed by it and have fun.

The thing is, a lot of the fun has dried up over the years, and people are antsy about it. Or irritated about it. Or downright fuming, stinking mad about it (I am one of these).

There have been too many incidents of them doing the “get HYPE” thing, and then it falling flat, or them saying, “lol nvm, mmmuuhhhhh bbbaaaddd” and taking it away.

Continuing to put up with their bs in doing that, is just telling them that it is ok.

Well, I am here to say that that kind of behavior is NOT ok. Not by a long shot. And I will continue to rub their noses in it, any which way I can.

I for one am done with their shenanigans. Time for them to put their big boy Blizz pants on, and play nice for once.


At this point, yea they shouldn’t do public alpha or beta or ptr if they can’t do changes like that and that it will cause massive uproar for something that isn’t even out.

I also don’t believe this is a massive issue outside the forums, like the slime cat.

And like I said, I’m also fine if they reverse the nerfs and just give dragon riding to everyone in the outside world. That’s my middle ground.

Outside of that, the first thing I thought when I saw dragon riding in the old world was that it was gonna get nerfed. It was expectable to a point. People having high expectation thinking they’ll keep a flying that goes twice as fast if it’s only usable by one race/class, I don’t think you can reason with people like that.

Good post, fix it Blizzard stop making the same mistakes of old. OH NOES FUN DETECTED QUICK NERF IT. Fire whoever thinks this way on your dev team.


I said it the second I saw the change that this doesnt bode well for Dragonflight. Its tone deaf, unnecessary, and seems designed solely to punish fun in order to make the game slower so as to force us to be online for longer.

If this change makes to live there will be no reason to play Dragonflight for me because its indicative of the same horrible design philosophy that led to 30% of the remaining playerbase dropping Shadowlands for Final Fantasy.

Thats not saying Id quit of course, Ive played WoW since launch day but if this is the direction the team wants to head than there is no sensible reason to play outside of end of expansion patchs when they remove all the horrible changes like this and expect us to praise them for fixing what they intentionally broke.

Soar had no reason whatsoever to be nerfed. Not a single person had yet been able to explain what possible advantage there is to moving through empty zones with the same speed as theyll be able to move through Dragon Isles. It affects literally nobody, provides literally no advantage, and has ruined a system that was highly praised by every single tester.

Blizz havent learned a thing, they lied and tricked people to sell preorders and then went right back to the same trash that ruined Shadowlands and made Battle for Azeroth a sloggy mess.


Yep this nails it


You go ahead and watch go kart racing leagues for your entertainment. Ill stick to real racing and just settle for the fact that you dont like fun and want to suck it out of others too.


Blizzard really just wants to see their game fail. They just can’t help themselves. They can’t exist without removing fun mechanics or adding boring life sucking mechanics into the game. I hope they go back on this brain dead decision they have made. If they want the other races to be on par with Dracthyr then they need to start updating them. They are lazy and would rather remove things instead of adding or updating the other races.


I hope they change it to a 24 hr cooldown really make you lose your mind.

evil laugh