BLIZZARD! why soar 30% nerf change makes no sense!

Well I guess that’s how you end a discussion.
If you’re not allowed to care about it, you’re not allowed to care for the nerfs.
If the content can’t matter, then the speed in it doesn’t matter? so the nerfs don’t matter.

Saving half the time on travelling is really big an multiplayer game. That’s what op. The quantity of time you saved compared to everyone else was too high, so they’re making it still fast just not as fast.

Yeah, but my response is… why not just give it to everyone?

If 900% mount speed in old zones isn’t a big deal, just increase the flying mount speed to that level.

And I’m being serious, here. I would love to get from Point A to Point B faster.


Yea that’s the thing, no one is really saying just give dragon riding then to everyone outside of dragon isles. When that would be an easy way to keep soar un-nerfed. That would be the best way to keep it un-nerfed.

works both ways!

and my responses kept getting ignored even arfter repeating myself? please read the thread.

i already had soloutions and said this in my original thread if you had of read it?

The problem is that’s not what you argued with me.
You argued it should be stronger, faster.
Not that everyone should have it.
I’ve always made it clear that it was too strong in comparison.

So what’s the point of this thread if you don’t care? This is just a bottomless pit of troll.

Your responses are the same, “but mages have portal” yes so does everyone else nowadays with portals in town and so many hearstones and engineering. You’ve never acknowledge that part.

if you had read the thread you would know the argument, i have not once mentioned it should be faster stronger better than it is on the alpha at all?

in comparison to what?
YOU CAN’T fly with Soar, it’s just a very fast Glide 2.0 on a ridiculously long CD and hard to control
Not to mention that its only usable in open world nothing else. other than the current spot your standing not cross multiple continents as many other means to cross continent traveling systems wich is way faster in the game with no cooldown what so ever?

there are many ways of transportation to get around all of old content this is only some of them that ive already listed in the original thread post

my responses are the same because you havent read the thread what so ever because you would then know i have acknowledged all of the above

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And those ways of transportation like I’ve said before aren’t as good as soar. Because soar can be use everywhere and is so much stronger than anything we got pre-nerf.
Now you’re trying to sandbag it to say it’s just a glide. xd

If it was just a glide, it wouldn’t be a problem. That’s what Zandalari trolls have it didn’t get nerfed, because a glide isn’t as good as soar.

You can fly with soar, it’s just not a completely synthetic experience like current flying.

You’re still arguing about how strong it is. You’re not agreeing to giving it to everyone, else you’d just keep pushing it that way. As if that’s your point I agree, but as long as you’ll try to say it shouldn’t get nerf if everyone is not getting it there isn’t much to agree.

what do you mean?
soar is on a 5min CD and is lucky to go the full length of flight and speed let alone even getting lift off from a flat surface not at a high peak in the game

are you saying you will not be able get to his location within the 5min CD? with all other mean of transportation? and actually considering all other means of transportation

soar cant be used everywhere? please explain
its outside world only?

how am i trying to sand bag it when i stated that in my original thread post?


please read the thread man,

sight, you’re still arguing about how strong it is.
You’re talking about the cd, the speed, the usage, you don’t need that big mountain…
Sandbagging, trying to make it sound less strong than it is…

Soar can be used everywhere in the outside world. That’s big.

At this point, sure don’t nerf it and reduce the cd but make it works only in dragon isle. There we go we fixed it for you, it didn’t get nerf!

Like I’m not sure to understand here, you’re fine with the nerfs or not? They aren’t nerfing it in Dragon isles? At least not the way I understand, maybe I didn’t understand that quite right?

It’s like I’m trying to have a discussion about it, and you keep pointing me in the wrong way.

At this point I’m starting to get confused. And I’m trying.
So is the understanding that Soar won’t be used in dragon isles with the nerfs?
So why are we arguing about it’s power outside of it?
Why do you keep leading me that way?
Why is most of your block of text and answers about its usage in old content?

ive tried to make the thread easier to read!


That’s a lot better, but I still disagree about old content stuff.

My take on it is that it’s a move to limit as a gold farming character. Are the few minutes getting to the next dungeon on your list looking for BoEs to sell on the AH going to make that big a difference? Most likely not.

There is also the idea of future proofing the game, which is actually a good thing. What would feel worse letting the ability get nerfed in alpha which is for testing, or having it nerfed in 11.0?

And it’s not just about old questing, future questing, or usage of old world zones for future content comes into light. Remember the 9.0 prepatch event chasing rares around Icecrown? Zerith Mortis, or anyother zone with rares? Not only is it killing the thing, but it’s a race just to get to it to even tag it a lot of times.

As far as Chromie Time goes I’m fairly confident that post Dragonflight we’re looking at another ilvl squish possibly a level squish, and this was Blizzard tipping their hand.

And finally it could be that the old zones aren’t coded to handle that type of movement and its a hardware limitation on them. I remember when 410 flying was introduced a lot of people were having crashes because of it. Even if its not on the player end Blizzard usually tries to keep the game accessible to as low a hardware configuration as possible.

These are some thoughts, but at the end it’s better that if they feel the need to limit dracthyr’s flight speed, that it happen in the alpha instead of a few patches down the road. We all know how people scream and howl about nerfs on live (next week the forums are going to be a wash in the tears of warlocks and hunters.)

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And, there is an actual toy for this:


I guess that’s why car racing at 60 mph is just as entertaining as car racing at 200 mph.

Nope, too long didn’t read.

Look once DF hits and you’re playing your lizard 100% you people will not come back to the forums to complain about the change. This is just the new thing for you to cry about. Like Blitzchung.

There’s many ways to have fun, and speed can be fun as long as it’s done in a good way. Drive safely! :stuck_out_tongue: And they do limit speed in racing. If everyone has dragon riding it’s a fair race, if they don’t it’s not. I don’t see the point of arguing that everyone should ride a horse and dracthyrs cars.

i 100% agree with this guys thread post and the statements he has made, and it actually helps to me understand why the change isnt necessary at all with solid points
try change my mind?


It’s not like they’re removing Soar so I was wondering what the uproar was about then I remembered this is just GD being GD.


the uproar i find is that its also being nerfed in Dragon isles when everyone has access to Dragon riding anyways?
which is far more superior reguardless

and for trivial content in old world zones there is many more advance travel systems out there for old zone’s other than soar on a 5min cd
the vipers guy listed a few in the thread and reasons to why it seems irrelevant

and people complaing about Dracthyr racials

Dracthyr/Evoker is the only Class in the game with its racials in its Talent tree’s

many people have also been trying to give solutions

some obviously want it reverted as to many means of way to get around old trivial content zone’s/continent’s easily

and refering back to the thread

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It is very cumbersome to use, when you need to start out from a high vantage point.

If you start out at a lower point, you dip down a bit to try to get more speed, and then just sort of peeter out a quarter of the way.

It is NOT the guaranteed zoom-zoom-go-ultra-fast that people seem to think it is. I spent a few times ending up on a mountain side in alpha, because of the wonky way that it has to be used.