BLIZZARD! why soar 30% nerf change makes no sense!

I’ve explained how other classes utility don’t stack up, soar can be used in a way different way and way stronger. While for sure dhs are strong, monks and druids can go as fast. Druids can pick herbs mounted, but so can a mount give you access to that.

Personally I believe there was no valid reason to not being able to mount in the maw. And the maw will be left as one of the worse zone ever did in the game because of that black mark.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a class or not, class abilities are also not as strong in my opinion. like stated up.

It’s still unique with a 30% nerf. Not other classes has access to that tool. And it’s still strong.

Trivial or not, it’s still content and people do it. If Blizzard wants people to go faster in it then everyone should have access to something like it.

And that might happen if they decide to keep dragon riding.

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I get if you’re talking about something in like PvP for starters, i can see why the CD is long there, because 640% is a speed that you will not conceive until it’s essentially too late, leaving a bit of unfair surprise attacking… Which in that case, make separate cooldowns.

But outside of that, i can’t think where else this would be a problem in. I mean we have portals, flight masters, and dungeon stones that essentially do better then soaring or even flying given how quick and hands off they are.

And before anybody brings up pet battles…

…Who ninjas Rabbits?!

I mean the game integrity, if going by the community’s reaction to the nerfs and delay to the dragon riding, is taking a bit of hitting.

Well that’s because it’s more or less on the collision or design side of things. In that being either the world was designed for Double jump in mind, or it doesn’t.

And contrary to what you said, Jump height variables are a thing, and it’s something that can be nerfed. The fact that DH has a tiny triple jump upon gliding, shows variable jump heights exist. Also, Glide is a spell that exists in the spellbook as well. It’s not to say they will eventually nerf it or anybody wants it nerf, it’s to say it has the capacity to be nerfed.

Huge technically, you can nerf a double jump.

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Nice of you to ignore the 2nd half of that sentence.

Hyjal to theramore is pretty much an ideal situation. You wont save any time from anywhere else without the high vantage point.


Tools that everyone can use. Not soar. Time is something that has the biggest value at the end in an mmo. Everything takes time, saving time is worth a lot even if it’s not for pvp.

The game integrity and community perception are 2 things. Moreover, most of the community doesn’t even know how dragon riding works and that it got nerf. They’ll see it and just find it fun and play the game.

It would be way harder to nerf it and keep it useful, soar will still be useful after nerfs.

You don’t need a big mountain.

Found my video.

I mean it seems pretty equal, especially since the half dragon peeps can use the same tools as everybody elses does.

But both are affected by one and the other.

While i agree a lot of them never tried it, i can tell you right now why people dislike it now is because of the turn speed that’s making it delayed and unresponsive to control, which… for something that goes nearly 1000% speed, not something you want.

Unresponsive sluggish turning is something i never want in a video game.

That honestly depends on what’s the proverbial final product is going to be, because if it’s just equal to a master flying mount, most are going to make the argument “aside from using it to save your bacon from falling, why not just use a flying mount then?”.

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not to mention also Dracthyr is the only class that has there racials in there talent tree’s you would have to remove those and rework the entire tree,
they have to spend points on there racials to make them as good as they are
and other people get to spend them on other stuff

another reason people are not accounting for

What? Nobody can use soar outside of dragons outside of dragon isles?

Well perception is reality, but no it’s not as linked as you’d think. A game can have integrity and be the worse game of all time just because of content.

Yea I mean that’s another talk. But I agree.

I mean 30% nerf still means it’s a bit faster. And you still go full speed in dragon isles.

I mean that doesn’t matter for soar. Soar is mostly just a movement ability for out of combat. And their racials are pretty good outside of soar… xd Like I pointed out they get 20% more movement speed for explored zones.

A constant downward sloping path. So I ask you, what tangible advantage was gained there to warrant nerfing the fun factor?


whats do you mean other classes utility does not stack up

to talk about mage portals and other transportation

Mages portals with no CD have fixed locations but the locations are main points of interest. If you are in lets say Ravendreth and you have cooldown on hearthstone and you want to go to Oribos, it takes like 5 minutes to fly there. If you are not a mage it takes like 5 minutes to find a mage to port you there.

as a mage you can farm almost any old content raid or dungeon faster then Dracthyr. You want to farm Onyxia? Port to Theramore. You want to do legion raids? Teleport to order hall and you have portal to every Legion zone. Northrend raids? Teleport to Dalaran. What can Drakthyr do? Hearthstone to stormwind fly to mage district tower teleport to dalaran. By the time the dracthyr is in Dalaran the mage is already in the raid.
and thats access to cross continents not resticted to a 5min cd and one continent

You don’t get 900% speed using Soar immediately!
to gain great distance you need to be up/at a high peak to even reach such a greater speed lol and have to be far too attentive with it to even stay aloft, nobody has any idea yet until they try it for themselves just how actually difficult it can be to keep flying. and doesn’t have any of the recharge abilities the dragon riding has

many class abilities are way stronger as they can be used in instances etc soar is open world only?
also listed most of them on the main thread post

yea its still unique but thats not the arguement here!

im still yet to hear the reasoning for the advantage in trivial content that others do not have the mobility and access too?
reguarding to the original thread

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Probably because its way too long to read. I have a hard time reading someones two paragraphs. Give us a TL;DR rundown please.

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You can ask a mage to do portals and there are tons of portals ingame or with tools like hearstone or engineer. I’ve said it before, you haven’t refuted that. You obstinately repeat the same thing so I’m gonna have to do the same.

A constand downward sloping path is way less hard than having to find the biggest mountain, so it isn’t as bad as you’d say. And, you can still get a reasonable distance without much downing path. The fun factor that is being op is just not something reasonable for a multiplayer game. If speed was the only thing making dragonriding fun, then you didn’t like dragon riding. Like someone said, the way you could fly and turn is being nerf that is the biggest nerf. That should be the problem.

When you compare something, you gotta compare it with stuff that is comparable. Point is soar cannot be compared much outside of dragon isles. And that matters for fairness.

Well you haven’t read or understood much. You’re just trolling me at this point.
There are reasonable reasons why trivial content matter, like people still doing it for rewards or leveling or etc. That it’s trivial for you, doesn’t mean you should get the biggest timesaving advantage of all time just for choosing a race in it.

You just keep posting the same stuff and ask me to read, when that’s exactly what you’re not doing. I don’t see what you get from that waste of time.

I hope they nerf it again, shouldn’t have any advantage moving around the open world significantly faster than others, literally wastes time in your real life, what a joke, should be ashamed.

do you understand the meaning of trivial?

you keep controdicting your own point’s?

im repeating it because everyone has access to it do they not?

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Being easy, doesn’t mean totally obsolete. If it was obsolete, people wouldn’t go in it. But rewards in old content still exist.

What point am I contradicting? Soar is a unique ability. It’s an outlier way more than anything else because of the difference with using it and not and how you can use it mostly everywhere (portals are still locked to specific zones), even if it’s old content. Nerfing it by 30% makes it way inline with the rest of the game.

And everyone don’t have access to an ability like soar that save them as much time? I’m starting to get confused.

theres not point arguing with you as you keep editing and changing your posts

the earlier response was about other means of travel portals etc etc, this is exactly why i have to keep repeating as you are not acknowledging the point

And other means of transport are less op than soar was because you can use soar everywhere. And that most other means of transport have equivalents.

I’ve not changed my point of view with the edits. I’ve only refined it for clarity. xd I don’t want this to devolve into a “I disagree” only posts. So I have to make it clear.

who care’s?

why does it matter?

whats the outrageous trivial advantage?

whats so OP about a 5min cd thats there’s no other means in the game of a trivial traveling advantage other than Soar that is so little and restricted as it is to the continent you are in that others do not have access to?


I’m very confused by this thread.

Why not just have everyone’s flying mounts move at 900% speed? Sounds good to me.


the thread is about the reasoning as to why blizzards response, to the Dracthyr soar ability does not make sense