BLIZZARD! why soar 30% nerf change makes no sense!

In old content? Around 10 minutes a month? People barely go play old content.

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Many people play old content and farm cosmetic in it. There was a 300+ posts recently on Legion tuning because so many people want to farm old content.

You can’t use Soar to farm cosmetics, so it’s irrelevant.

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Prove that it’s half the travel time.i want you to show me exactly how much time is saved


Like any abilities with a cd?

12 times in a hour for a travelling ability that makes you go twice as fast is a lot.

I’ve seen videos I’ll link that up. If I can get a break here for a few xd

It’s not half the travel time. Streamers showed you can save up to 30-40% of the time it takes to fly from Mount Hyjal to Theramore. That’s where all this drama is coming from. If you use it in the rest of the continent the time you save is laughable.

I don’t understand why this post starts with “notwhy,” at all. I’m so very confused.

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Getting close to 50%? with people that don’t really know how to use it perfectly.

You mean abilities like Heroic Leap? That’s not often used for traveling as it’s often used more as a combat ability.

Or you’re talking about Sprint? That is used often for traveling given that’s it’s only purpose, but given we have mounts, it’s only best used when you can’t mount up.

Well like i said, in Pre-WoD/MoP Zones, yes. Because it’s mostly flat.

In WoD or Post WoD zones, i feel at least 20 would do us fine.

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No, these people were using it perfectly. And that only happens, I repeat, when you jump off of Mount Hyjal. That doesn’t happen if you use it in the middle of the Barrens.

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I survived the maw.<
And yes I would have nerfed druids in the maw.

I mean if they nerf the speed we can consider a shorter cd if anything. I don’t feel 5 min is too much considering they also got 20% on regular mount if they have explored the zone already­.

Ah. I see what type of player you are. Basically you’re part of the “no fun” group of players. Thanks for sorting that out, gonna save my time discussing this with you then.

Have fun, if you know what that means!


…Good luck getting that to happen. I mean, people aren’t already happy with the 30% decrease with Soar already. I don’t see them being on board with decreasing it any further.

you could travel every 3 sec’s what ever the global cooldown is with every other transportation device in the game and that cross continents
not to speak you also have a flying mount too…
every class has access to these
Dracthyr soar can not go across continents at all

You don’t get 900% speed using Soar immediately! soar is on a 5min CD
to gain great distance you need to be up/at a high peak to even reach such a greater speed lol and have to be far too attentive with it to even stay aloft, nobody has any idea yet until they try it for themselves just how actually difficult it can be to keep flying. and doesn’t have any of the recharge abilities the dragon riding has


Well that’s not the most dismissive thing i’ve ever read. /s

I mean, you do know, what you find fun and not, is subjective, right?.. Fun isn’t an objective measurement of unit like you think it is.

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People will not be happy with any nerfs, even if they’re reasonable. And the forums are crazy, like people that like their own posts… xd

…What do you mean reasonable?.. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I really don’t get this fairness aspect you’re trying to go for here in thinking “Either it needs to be equally crap, or have the other racial/etc be equally OP”. Which is an aspect i don’t get from Blizzard either. Especially it comes to old world content.

I mean double jump is going to be OP in a game where it never had double jump and never seem to take it into account after it’s introduced.


It’s a multiplayer game, you live with other people. While travelling speed is a less obvious advantage for some people, it really does have a big impact on the game and how other people enjoy it. Sure we can throw that away and just say people deal with, but each time you do that your game integrity takes a hit. People want fair multiplayer game where they feel their time is as worth as someone else in it.

They knew it was gonna be broken, and this time yea they chose the fun part of it. But it also can’t really be nerfed like soar. It either works or it doesn’t.

ive explained this before and havent swept it off the table at all

demon hunters can glide in raids and dungeons it does not matter how fast what matters is they can do it while others cannot.

Dracthyr can fly at 930% speed but only once per 5 minutes. The speed of Dracthyr is balanced by the long cooldown.

Druids can pick herb while mounted, it is instant cast and it does not have 5 minute cooldown.

Its not like Dracthyr can’t gather using soar like druids can they have to land and get out of soar mode wich has a 5min cd

You can’t effectively stay in the air or gather herbs when dragon riding.

But you can hit auto run and afk on a normal mount.

worgens and druids could mount in the maw and no one else could and blizz basically said deal with it? And that was a current content Advantage not a old world/trivial content,

Shamans, get a unique transportation ability, as well! A permanent sprint, usable in combat and indoors, and a second hearth! To anywhere they want!

It’s almost like different classes and races can have different perks!

This is a unique new race/class combo added to the game

The argument that Soar is a “racial” ability and is overpowered compared to other racial abilities fails in my opinion. This is because Dracthyr and Evokers are mutually exclusive. You can essentially consider every Evoker class ability a racial ability and every Dracthyr racial ability a class ability.

And in trying you argue other wise, youd have to consider taking all of the dracthyr racials out of the evokers talent tree’s

Why can’t we keep a unique philosophy feel for each class/race? Exactly what blizzard was stating that they wanted to bring back to the game

But as soon as they do people whine aww my class doesn’t have that?

Pick your poison!

Not to mention the nerf was only for trivial content. So how much of an advantage does it really give, in the grand scheme of things?

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