Blizzard Who Hurt You? - Soar Nerf

Just enable dragon riding in the old world problem solved


It’s a race that can only be ONE class.

Literally yes. I’m already OP. I slay freaking gods dude LOL.

Who cares if someone is soaring through freaking Azeroth. It’s a complete non-issue.


I don’t feel invested enough in something I’ve never played to get upset by a nerf.


why is it too strong for a racial ability? Don’t vulpera get two hearthstones or something? Being able to traverse the old world at a fast rate isn’t a gamebreaking problem. Nobody was shivering in their timbers thinking about the fact a Dracthyr might jump off of Highmountain and soar to Suramar in record time.

And even if it is “OP”, just enable ALL dragon riding in the old world. Problem solved, no?


Cool story. Wanting something to be fun and seeing how fun a system is and wanting to experience it myself effects me.


So then I wonder why they cited something like Chromie Time and old world content as the reason for nerfing it. If an Evoker is doing old world content they’d be doing it at a level that trivializes that content anyway. When I saw this news I thought “womp womp”

This indeed sounds like a case of “fun detected” although if Dracthyr soaring is actually faster than normal flying… hm. Who knows. Maybe instead of nerfing Soaring, they could have buffed epic flying to be on par with Soaring. Doubtful and I’m sure some fun sucker can give me a million reasons why but I don’t care.

I don’t have Alpha access and would have liked my Evoker, Nuidormu, to go zoom


As someone who is planning to main a Dracthyr and was looking forward to 950% speed …

… I have to say that as much as it pains me, I agree with this nerf.

It probably is healthier for the game that Dracthyr can’t go ludicrously fast outside of Dragon Isles compared to other races.


This is irrelevant, the nerf is for outside the Dragon Isles. Additionally, Soar is a 5min CD.

Also, Soar does not have Dragon Riding built into it.


Being able to fly 3 times as fast as every other race is ridiculously strong. Even with the nerf you can still fly twice as fast as everyone else.


It’s no more OP then taking a damn portal. It is literally just folks flying around in old world content for fun.


Everyone can take a portal. Only Dracthyr can fly 3(2) times as fast as everyone else.

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But then, they can only fly much faster than other characters in trivial content.

So how much of an advantage does it really give, in the grand scheme of things?


Every 5 minutes with just gliding to a destination. You have to be at a high point to even get to a destination fast.

They aren’t clicking Soar to get an herb and then doing it again. You can’t do that.


Why does it matter if they can fly faster xD
It’s a stupidly long CD, and it’d not like they can fly from node to node and gather mats faster than someone else.


No it isnt. Theres nothing overpowered about it. What advantage does being able to fly over old content that literally nobody touches any more provide? What is the advantage to being able to move quicker through a zone youre 40 levels higher than? None.

Youre just mad that theres something fun and new and it isnt for your class.


I think you’re just going to have to accept that blizzard disagree with you.

I think you mean every other class in the game.


Blizzard just seem to hate community good will and love.

They had two huge Ws with Dragonriding and Soar.

They have clearly been conditioned, by themselves, to thrive on being hated, and they couldnt handle the love being shown to Soar and Dragonriding.

They need to be hated, its like a type of Stockholm Syndrome.


No, i mean YOUR class. Youre upset that someone got something you didnt.


I haven’t pre-purchased anything. Homies can lose my dollar pretty easily at this point if they keep nerfing something that is literally just folks having a good time.


I disagree that it is irrelevant. The whole point of the nerf is that there is a portion of the game outside of Dragon Isles and Dracthyr shouldn’t have a ludicrous advantage for that part.

However, I do wonder if Blizzard considered the big picture. Certain classes can get places in Azeroth much faster than others using class abilities (mage teleport for example).

Blizzard’s argument that Soar is a “racial” ability and is overpowered compared to other racial abilities fails in my opinion. This is because Dracthyr and Evokers are mutually exclusive. You can essentially consider every Evoker class ability a racial ability and every Dracthyr racial ability a class ability.