Blizzard Who Hurt You? - Soar Nerf

How’s that? We can get to the next batch of crickets to stomp on next? There is no one in the old world. We are splintered in different expacs and chromie time.

I agree 100% they shouldn’t nerf it. They design from design point of view, not playing point of view. They get in their own way. Make it fun and fix around it. If it gives PVP advantage, when you toggle WM, your racial shifts to the lower speed. That shouldn’t be too difficult…

Trust me. You’re not getting away with Soar vs. a regular flying mount. Dive bombing someone wouldn’t be any different then a regular mount as well.


Dragon flying speed needs to be unnerfed and the cooldown needs to go away. When df launches, everyone will be on a level playing field and I would like Evoker to have the option to use their form to the full unlocked dragon flying standards, even if it’s a capstone unlock for Dracthyr for maxing dragon flying.

The pre-patch only lasts a few weeks, so what is any point of listing an advantage?

A speedy Dracthyr can’t hover to gather nodes so gatherers are unaffected.

The race with one class starts at 58 so any content prior to pre/patch is irrelevant.


This is a fair compromise in giving Dracthyr dragonflying. I like the idea that they could give us a campaign with the dragons mentoring us.


Everybody has their own disagreements on things with Soar on both sides, and the problem weighs on an entire development team to find what works for both.

Not one single soul is going to get away from this without feeling slighted.

Honestly, I wouldn’t want to be racing a bunch of Dracthyr characters to rare spawns in old content on my “slow” 310% speed mounts.

thats not competitive, thats optional

It’s a 5m CD and to get to high speeds you have to be at a high peak. You’re not going to use Soar to make your rounds to pick off rares.


As others have said, if it gave too much of an advantage in the old world compared to regular epic flight then just let everybody use dragon flying in the old world.

Or if for some weird reason they want dragon flying to remain a Dragon Isles thing(I thought we were done with expansion only mechanics, but whatever) then introduce a new tier of flight training that flies faster than the current +310%. That also can double as a minor gold sink, just don’t make it too insanely expensive.

and while on the topic I kind of want them to revisit old racials now.

The Dracthyr get all this cool stuff and my poor Draenei Shaman is sitting there with a profession bonus that is literally useless to me, 1% less shadow damage taken, a very slight agility increase, and a heal that’s only slightly more effective than if I had just cast Healing Surge on myself.

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I certainly wouldn’t, it’s very ineffective.

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It’s not efficient to use soar even for travel. Portals are still king.

Even if they removed the CD it still wouldn’t be better than regular flying.


There’s certainly no “auto-walk” with Soar, that’s for sure.

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Yep, to even get a hint of high speeds you have to be at a higher elevation.


You have to be far too attentive with it to even stay aloft, nobody has any idea yet until they try it for themselves just how actually difficult it can be to keep flying.


What rare spawns? Hunter pets? Dracthyr cant get those. World bosses? The Dracthyr cant take those from you, all you have to do is hit it. Resources? They have to land to collect the resources so Druids still have a massive advantage.

There isnt a single advantage to Dracthyr soaring over 16 year old zones.


Can soar be activated in the air?

I think it’s a ground activation only so you would literally need to fly to a high location, plan your route, then activate and actually utilize the mechanics to achieve any sort of speed……

Any argument about having an advantage is ludicrous, esp since it literally require active control and effort to match and outpace pressing your auto run keybind while flying traditionally


I’m not sure…but now I’m envisioning a Dracthyr falling and not using their wings as they fall to their death.


They can open their wings and glide like a dh without the double jump normally… only soar activates the momentum

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Oh thank the Light. Ty for that.

Yeah glide is free game any time anywhere, no cooldown, none of that, it’s just like DH only without the double jump. Soar is a separate ground ability that can’t be activated WHILE gliding though unfortunately because it counts is kind of it’s own thing that “interferes”.