Blizzard - Where is Ahune?

Ahune should be in Slave Pens for the midsummer fire festival. He is not there.

so they could make the most of Ahune

Did someone forget to turn on the switch or should we not expect to be able to do Ahune?

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None of the fire festival is active, none of the bonfires or seasonal quest givers are active either. I’m thinking they need to turn it all on still.

Oh hm. I had other people saying that the 10% exp bonus was available. Maybe they were just trolling.

Cant get violet eye rep vendor items but we get ahune and deathfrost early lol

All I can think is the post does say “the week of the 20th of July” so technically they could release it on any day of this week. pretty annoyed I didnt see the bonfires roaring in IF when I went there a few mins ago

It says on another blue post that it will start midnight server time on the 23rd.

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I saw. It looks like they forgot about it and edited the post after people brought it up. :smiley:

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