Blizzard what is your stance on spell batching?

It’s way more RNG today, because your latency is valued a lot higher since the abilities are being registered instantly instead of slightly delayed. I’m pretty sure it’s actually impossible to gouge a blink on retail. If it is, it’s VERY rare, and has absolutely nothing to do with skill. I don’t think it’s something people ever attempt to do anymore. Gouging a mages blink is an insanely common tactic in vanilla.

If outlaw even has gouge anymore. I haven’t played in a while

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That’s fine, I guess there’s people who think the lottery is skill based too.

Luck you can train to get very lucky at. The best of the best may hit those things 90%+ of the time consistently. Which totally makes sense with batches 400 ms large.

The modern system just lowers the skillcap and helps bad healers in pve.

In short: the modern system is worse. Spell batching has to be in. For the noobs: theres still BfA waitig for you.

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The lottery actually has random numbers being generated. Something spell batching does not have.


The thing is this change would have absolutely zero impact on them. They wouldn’t even know it was there or not there, but taking it away from the people that do know it’s there is way more harmful.

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I was decent at it, but ultimately it’s luck.

I don’t think it’s worth the (likely) massive headache it would take to get in, if they could even do it at all. (Remember - it only existed because of a physical limitation at the time)

We won’t see spell batching at all.

Well sir I hope you’re wrong so I can blink before you gouge it, because I highly doubt you’re a good player that will even utilize it.

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Latency can effective be considered a random number.

No, that’s not how networking equipment works.

Actually it is, latency is not a steady constant number. Just go look at your world ping next time you long into WoW, notice how it’s constantly changing?

You think it isnt worth. The pvp and especially high lvl gladiator branch of pvpers wants it.


Cause they know how important it is.

This is like people asking for aim assist in CS.

Spell batching or no classic.

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No one answered me… I’ll ask it again.

Isn’t spell batching the way it was due to the server or client reading things at a slower pace? I heard 400ms was the speed. So if the current client/server is faster, wouldn’t it…not exist the same way?

This is one of those…in depth… topics about Vanilla I don’t know much about.

The abilities aren’t being batched together so one would always register first. Things like gouging a blink, gouging another rogue on his kidney shot, 2 rogues blinding each other are all impossible because one would always go off first. More likely the guy with lower ping


So this sounds like a backend thing? Aren’t they updating the backend? So wouldn’t this get changed then?

Or would they need to go into the client and mess with it?

No it’s 100% a server side thing that they improved dramatically and seem quite happy with. It’s basically no different than fixing random server crashes.

Thing is were here to talk about the gameplay and what impact that system has on it.

Arguably not having it has a bad impact on the gameplay and we pay for exactly that - gameplay.

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Highly doubt anyone’s ever going to quit the game over spell batching being in place. However having no spell batching is a different story, it changes the game way too much not having it, and makes some classes way less appealing for PvP’ers


Arguably using the modern system has a very positive impact on gameplay as it makes the pvp more skill based and less RNG.

I wouldn’t imagine they would have it if the client runs off of the modern 7.3.5 client which Ziryus said changed that.

Would this be akin to asking them to change other technical systems such as the right click report? It seems like this is built into the modern client. I can’t imagine them changing that. But who knows?

Tell me how that is the case. You dont seem to understand how much this affects the balance and skillcap.

Or in other words: you have no idea what youre talking about.

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