Blizzard what is your stance on spell batching?

Not having spell batching is going to have a hugely negative impact on all high end PvP’ers enjoyment of the game. Vanilla classes are very simplistic in nature, but it’s the games hidden mechanics that give PvP such a massive skill cap. Vanishing a blind, Counterspelling a rogue at the same time he presses vanish = pulls him out of stealth. Vanishing a blind, or a death coil, Gouging a mages blink, 2 rogues blinding each other at the same time, and many many more tricks that would take way too long to name.

None of this will be possible without spell batching, because one of the abilities will always go off before the other. Please don’t forget about the community that wanted this game to be legitimized in the first place. Don’t give players an avenue to return to private servers.


I dunno about Blizzard but my stance is that maybe two of the people who have made these threads actually care about spell batching and understand what it was while the rest of them are just making threads to pile on because they saw someone else do it.

Batching??? We don’t need no stinkin’ batching!

+1 if you are old enough to get the reference. :sunglasses:

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I’m sure I don’t know exactly how it functions 100%. I doubt you do either, but I do know the tricks it allowed the game to have because I PvP’ed in this game before, and when it was removed, and it was noticeable when it was.


I would bet my life that batching is 100% not going to happen.
Calling it now.
Simulating spell batching will cost more money than not simulating spell batching.

Every single time they have had to choose between authenticity and saving any amount of money on development, #nochanges has gone out the window.

I would love to be wrong about this


I remember I used to duel my destro lock buddy a ton in early mop. I would hold my counterspell until the very second his death coil was about to hit me, and it would interrupt his chaos bolt cast immediately, even though he didn’t actually start to cast it until I was in the death coil. Thanks to spell batching, our abilities went off at the same exact same time. In wod spell batching was removed so this trick was no longer possible. Just one example I personally remember very vividly as a mage.

Well only the bad ones who rely on RNG to randomly win.

I hope you’re wrong too. This is one of those things that 90% of the community won’t know or care about, and those are usually the people they cater to

I disagree. People care about sharding, people care about loot trading, people care about right click report. People cared about AV.

I can’t say that it was a majority opposed to any of those changes, because it’s not like I could do polling of “likely wow classic players”, but there was certainly a plurality.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we haven’t heard anything on a lot of the hot button subjects, since the longer people get hyped up, the more likely they are to play even if those changes go through.

I’m the same way. There are things that they are planning or could be planning that would make me not play. Right click reporting, loot trading, and microtransactions all have the capacity to completely gut the experience. LT & right click reporting would have to be handled really really carefully to get me to play. A cash shop will absolutely send me packing. But how will I feel in 3 months? How will I feel in 5 months? The more excited you get, the lower your standards get.

We looked at the beautiful pictures on the menu and placed our order. The kitchen is taking forever, and we’re getting hungrier and hungrier. If they tell us now that they’ve burnt our food, we might walk out, but if they keep us in the dark long enough, eventually we’ll be hungry enough to eat whatever they bring.

They don’t cater to the 90%, they don’t cater to the 10%. The devs cater to the executives. The executives cater to the shareholders.

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They cater to what people care about more is what it seems like to me. If enough people made an uproar about spell batching I can almost guarantee they would do their best to replicate it. The problem is hardly anyone utilizes those mechanics in PvP. 90% of the people playing classic for it’s PvP are probably just looking forward to ganking people in STV. They have absolutely no idea of it’s hidden potential, and thus no one except a very small minority is going to talk about it, and that is why I don’t think spell batching will even be acknowledged.

Well of course not, good pvpers don’t need to rely on ̶s̶p̶e̶l̶l̶ ̶b̶a̶t̶c̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ RNG to win.

I can see no reason why spell batching wouldn’t be in.
It’s their job to make this work.



Count the number of threads there were on loot trading, right click report, sharding, and AV. How many dozens of threads on each? How many tens of thousands of replies on each?

If they were making changes based on authenticity rather than cost, I would agree with you on spell batching. I think spell batching is one of those things that has a poor cost to benefit ratio. Spell batching is a thing because in 2004, without spell batching, the person with the best ping would always win. That made a much bigger difference when a 200ms ping was “good”. If they were trying to make an authentic vanilla experience, they might work on spell batching. But that’s not what they’re doing. They’re trying to make as authentic an experience as is possible on a budget of nothing and a dev team with numbers on par with the fingers on a blind butcher’s hand.

It will be it’ll just use the current system for spell batching :slight_smile:

It would certainly be disappointing see blizzard take the easy way out, rather than doing it right. But that’s been their prerogative for many years now.

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The right way is to use the current system, they’ve made it pretty clear they want to use the better system when it’s purely technical.

It’s not. It effects gameplay.

You might not like how the game was in vanilla. But we do. That’s why we’re on the classic forums.


Spell batching was, ultimately, luck - it doesn’t need to be recreated, and likely couldn’t be redone faithfully without performance issues.

It’s not going to impact real PVP in any significant way.

Yes it impacts people who are bad at pvp and want RNG wins.

Because it was luck, and recreating it would likely be a giant pain.

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