Blizzard what is your stance on spell batching?

Thank you very much for taking the time to make that. Hopefully it educates some people on the magic that went behind classic PvP. Batching is crucial in making Classic an authentic experience

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Thank your for the visualization.

For the others saying: “well, its modern back end so they wont do it.”

This would not only make the gameplay extremely unauthentic, it would also kill a lot of fun and game depth.

Moments like this shown in many PvP Movies never wouldve happened. Maybe the whole PvP scene never wouldve grown that big. Maybe people never wouldve felt so inclined to it to do movies with hundreds of hours of editing put into it.

So maybe, if they want classic to become a success, they should make sure the game is going to be as it was.

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Here’s another video that showcases batching without the commentary. You can see in the first minute both rogues have each other sapped, then they blind each other immediately out of that sap. They both trinket the blind and shadow dance cheap shot each other. None of this is possible without batching. The rogue with the better ping will always get theirs off first. Not having it removes so much depth.


Got one more:

Have fun :slight_smile:

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All I have are good memories of spell batching. Particularly in PvP.

Also, If I am not mistaken it was the reason that the shatter combo even worked. Since you would use an instant cast spell at nearly the same time as your casted spell hit the target (let’s say an average of 10-20 ms between both spells if you are mashing). This means that regardless of where you are in a servers batch cycle 95% of the time both spells will strike while the server registers the target as “frozen” leading to the shatter crit chance bonus applying to both spells. If batches are processed in 10ms Windows, suddenly the first spell is waaaaay more likely to consume the frozen debuff before the second spell lands. If they find an alternative to making shatter combos work im all for it, but would still prefer batching for its pvp applications. Yes there is an element of rng involved but it is relatively predictable and opens up big counter play options in some class matchups that they wouldn’t ordinary have.

Shatter combos still work in retail, and they will still work in classic even without it

Shattering used to work a bit differently back then. Spells were basically snapshotted based on if your target was in a freeze or not. So no matter if the freeze faded or broke, if your frostbolt cast completed while the freeze was active it would still shatter. This was changed in I believe legion so that it no longer snapshots, but you can now shatter mid projectile. So if you use pet freeze right as your frostbolt projectile landed it will still count.

That sounds awful. Then again I didn’t play a lock or mage in Vanilla.

It’s not luck, lol

If you’re against spell batching, you don’t understand what’s happening at all in this video (or any high level rogue/mage vanilla pvp video)

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I seriously doubt they are going to overhaul the infrastructure of 7.3.5 just to put spell batching back in. We already know there are certain system tied to it that they are not going to mess with. Now I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Isn’t it curious how basically all the spell batching threads are rogues wanting to exploit the technical limitations of the past in order to do things they weren’t really supposed to be able to do.

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It’s not “exploiting” it’s utilizing the tools that the game was given. Spell batching was literally present in the game until WoD so I doubt blizzard saw it as “exploiting” either lol. If you lose to a rogue that does any of these tricks he would beat you even without them anyways, these kind of tricks Perplexity does 99% of rogues will never do.

If you think spell batching is skill you also think the lottery is skill.

oh boy here we go

This dude is on a different level. That said, he would still own guys on a modern server.

Ziryus rattling on about PVP again…

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… and just for future reference, it’s spelled s-t-e-e-n-k-i-n-’ :rofl:

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Its actually not random.

If its a system drawn through ping pong balls in an air tube, it is being guided by predictable physics.

Can we predict it? Not unless we manipulate something (i.e. play with weights of the balls), but it is predictable ultimately. It just appears random.

Even with computer generated numbers, they are technically not even truly random but a program appearing to be random. In fact, sometimes people have figured out the pattern on poorly written ones and won lotteries (some even got in there and sabotaged the program to rake in millions).

Again, we usually cant ultimately predict them, but it is actually possible in a pure technical sense.

I mean I could even go further and we could get into a debate if the universe even allows for a true instance of random.


Whoa, mind blown

No need to argue over what the better experience was because it looks like Blizzard is gonna re-introduce slower spell batching in the Classic WoW relaunch.

Here is the blue post: Spell Batching in Classic

The only thing I’m not sure applies here is the sit/crit mechanic that was used to take advantage of skills like Enrage and Reckoning.

If they are adding artificial limitation of gameplay (Spell batching was a side effect of limited hardware, not a feature), they should also add know exploits. Same thing. “For authenticity purposes” and then ban people using them.