Blizzard should add High Elven Paladins to Void Elves like they added Highborne Mages to Night Elves

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Blizzard should add High Elven Paladins to Void Elves…

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100%. If they got all the Blood Elf classes it would probably be “Having people with the same avatars on the Horde ruins my class fantasy, remove Blood Elves and force race changes please.”

Like Helves were asked for for 10 years. We got a compromise with Velves. Then they compromised again and gave them Helf features. Now they want another compromise. It’s never enough no matter what’s given.


Silver Hand Shieldbearer - NPC - World of Warcraft (

Rulen Lightsreap - NPC - World of Warcraft (

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Honestly, I am happy with what I got, and a vast majority of Helfers actually are. But pushing for more is now going overboard with some who think it is a good idea.


Do Silver Hand characters even count… since you know the silver hand also has an undead paladin.


I mean, you could have just edited the OP in the other thread to add in the details.
It’s pretty much the same thread.


The Silverhand Shieldbreaker isn’t an Alliance High Elf NPC. They are part of the Order of the Silverhand, and have nothing to do with Horde and Alliance.

And class trainers are not canon NPC’s, they are just there for game mechanics, especially at a time when you had to visit a trainer to learn new spells.


It says VOID elf under yours. Quit trolling. High Elves are Horde. 3:10

This other thread w a completely Dif topic also made yesterday had this as the opening statement so I would view this as thread 3 in a 24 hour span tbh


Not the only undead Paladin. =P Sir Zeliak.

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This one is better. Don’t do me like that Somand.

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i wish blizz would add it and just make em explode to 0hp every time they use light based attacks, thats the compromise here.


Threads like this are the explanation to the other thread about why players hate VE/HE players.


Nah, this thread is dope. Same old people hatin’. Which is fine.

Ah, from WrA. Explains the cringe.


Much as I desperately want this to happen they can’t because they’re a void-based race. Void and light don’t mix. They can’t mix.

When they added void elves they gave a big final finger to the high elf paladin crowd by assuring we’d never have proper high elves (as they’re not about to add another allied race that’s just high elves and have three races with the same body, two on one faction after Horde was given Blood Elves and all the sobbing about uniqueness and the drain on their numbers such would cause).

There’s really only one way out of this as I see it. That’s to end allied races, merge them down to base races and remove the factions or faction restrictions to allow existing void elves to use the barber shop to change their label to “High Elf” and to allow Blood Elves do to the same and play with alliance, thus Blood Elf paladins could be high elf, alliance aligned paladins.

I admit I’m a little biased as I spent several hundred dollars faction changing blood elves to Alliance on one of my servers into void elves specifically to RP high elves and I don’t want to pay a race change fee. Given the problems with factions though I think this is the best solution for allowing people to truly live the fantasy they want.


You’re a forum lurker hating on VE/HE players. :rofl: Your definition of cringe behavior probably needs an update.

Night Elves were anti-arcane because the legion invaded. So in order to add mages they had the Highborne join.

So, to add the Paladin class blizzard’s just gotta say it’s Alliance High Elves.

So… no real reason to worry about the void stuff.