Blizzard Shop BC Classic Purchases Temporarily Unavailable

can buy it on the character select screen but the boost doesnt seem to be doing anything

In case you all have not noticed, there are literally hundreds of thousands of players trying to login and access their characters. All making their choices, all trying to create new character, all hammering the living Sh!t out of the server databases.

The Blizzard team probably tested to make sure it was working, with 1-3 characters copied successfully. Not with multi mega changes happening all at once. Captain Hindsite would say, implement a login queue to buffer/slow all the update and change requests.

Once again, they underestimated just how many people LOVE this old version of the game.


Can I buy server access on the store?

Guys i just killed the last boss in black screen simulator.

it was my last braincell.

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Unbeliavable, I live in EU but I play in US so it won’t let me buy the dark portal garbage in the ingame shop, I have to go to the US shop and the option to buy is not there, even to get MILKED once again by blizzard I have to wait and can’t play my boosted crap, awesome.


Ive read that an inn keeper has the items. I am at work now so I can’t confirm.

you are correct got it figured out

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“Hey so game isnt working, and you cant play but here’s a update on the cash shop because we only care about making money and making sure the ingame shop works properly but not the rest of the game”

Seriously this could have been added to the update of a server status regarding the current issue that SHOULD BE far more important than a ingame shop statement. with a simple “Due to recent issues the shop will be temporarily down”

But here we are with a single post directed to just the cash features because that’s all you care about.

I have two accounts under 1 ID. I planed to buy the Deluxe Edition on both. I purchased on Account 1, but on Account 2 I can only buy the Dark Portal Pass. By buying Deluxe on Account 1 do all cosmetic items go across all accounts, I just need to buy the Dark Portal Pass on Account 2?

Still can’t buy a boost here, but I see lots of 58 on the server. So apparently it’s working for some… just not me. It is normal?

There was a short period where you could purchase some of the things.

Does anyone know if the Dark Portal Pass or Deluxe Edition offers will expire or are they here for good? Are these limited time offers?

I would think a formal reply at this point would be appropriate. Been 6 hours on something widely still advertised?

same here, really annoying

I’ve seen other players in game this morning who have recently boosted, and yet I’m unable to access that through the in game shop on the login screen; has the delay been released, or or it released for only some people?

What is the situation rn; an update would be appreciated.

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Sounds like too many issues with it but the only response about it was hours ago. Only news is “sometime on 19th”.

I logged in 4 mins before servers said they would be up got in. First thing I did was buy the boost. I guess some time after that they took it down due to some glitch and 1,000s of ppl buying. Maybe they brought it down so ppl don’t mess up their boost? Not sure.

Ya im in NA trying to play EU, when i try to buy the boost through the in game shop it says because im in a different region i have to do it through their online shop which isnt available yet. Why do we have to be in the same region to purchase it through the in game shop?

Short time frame is to encourage buying boosts.

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Yuuuup, was on at launch to buy my boost, keeps saying “Your order is being processed”… Yet, my buddy logged on an hour ago, and got to purchase this pass…