Blizzard Shop BC Classic Purchases Temporarily Unavailable

Extend the pre-patch by atleast 2-3 weeks.

Yes exactly my same question, my play meant has gone through. Now what?

@Bornakk, how about actually fixing the game so ppl can pick a toon and log in??
Oce is borked STILL


nope june 1st gates open.

There is literally no reason to extend the prepatch. One night delay and people want weeks extra time, get real.

So it’s just broke then? Waited all day to be told wait longer it’s not working I just wanna play my booster toon

i purchased the deluxe edition it went through gave me the boost used it but no items?

Serves you right.

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Can’t find anything on the in-game shop, are there any further issues currently? thanks

hey you guys wanna get really mad? you know how u can buy 6 months ata a time and usually you only get loot on retail? check this out now we get some stuff in TBC classic too for buy 6 months ata time :wink:

Edit: I was goiing to bed but now i must watch the inferno unleash grabs popcorn

liTeRaLlY nO rEaSoN

Please shut up. This entire debacle is reason for more time to fix the mess this patch will surely leave before the launch is even more of a mess.

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This. Only saw the blue post just now. Already bought the deluxe version. No items, only got the character boost.

Got my boost, i’ll wait for the mount proudly with my new shaman LUL

Fix OCE servers before talking about in-game cash shop junk. greedy

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fix the black screen, please :frowning:

fix black screen idiots

Cant wait for a short prepatch.

being stuck on a black screen is so fun!

@Bornakk Oceanic servers are busted, please send word, ty.

I paid for my delux edition now what I can’t complete my character it just says error