Blizzard saved AV! Queue times will plummet next Tuesday

BuT dA bRidGe

Terrain exploit, horde bottleneck, better tower locations. Do Horde not realize this or is anything that isn’t directly in their favor seem like a disadvantage? Their cave had to moved back ffs.


Vanilla forums were also flooded with requirements for all raid members to have 150 fire resist and for all tanks to be defence capped. Simply put, vanilla players were very ignorant.

They were not aware of the backdoor to the alliance base, for example.

With the knowledge we have today, it is obvious that the horde have the map advantage.


Then you guys should be on board with these changes. You’ll have the same HPH opportunities as everyone else and you’ll get games that aren’t PvE races.

Lol the bridge … hooray … horde have taken two bunkers, two graveyards and Alliance are fighting for their lives on the bridge.

If we are fighting there we have LOST. Meanwhile 10 horde ride up the slope beside the South Bunker ignoring the bridge.


I’m not going to be playing AV at all anymore if I have to pug it, and I think most of the people who were doing premades feel the same. You think your queues are going to drop. I think otherwise.


actually im going to play AV less

Their cave is way too far forward but didn’t Blizzard move it back because in later patches they changed the structure of objectives.

Yeah a bridge you cannot even really knock people off of unless you mind control which is a two way street with horde priests.

It’s an absolute joke.

Your WSG strategy is going to go to hell when you run into Horde premades that win in 8 minutes and BS games that drag out 15+. AV will have slow matches but it will still be king for HPH if that is your goal.

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I will boycott AV just on sheer principle. The Premade options was always in Vanilla and it was even used by the Horde back in the day. But now that the populations are opposite and the Alliance are using a mechanic that, again, was part of Vanilla, its all "Its an Exploit, whine whine whine!’ and Blizzard caved.

For that very fact AV is off my list.


I know alliance have never spent 1 second on defense in their lives, but have you even heard of the bridge?

Here is where you say ‘something something backdoor’ … forgetting even a single mage on defense completely breaks that. Again, not 1 second on defense, while always assuming all 40 horde are on defense. Gee, I wonder why horde are forced to play defense but alliance never bother… wouldnt possibly have anything to do with how easy it is to ignore horde NPCs, would it?


Uh, those were sock puppets… what an ignorant person you are.

+1 on the troll post though, I totally took the bait!

Remember when Horde used to start on the hill by Balinda? That got patched out really quick.

But remember, it’s totally alliance favored. Don’t ask questions, accept it!


It’s funny all these kids in here trying to change history though. The reality is they want to just rush and get free fast wins and they’re willing to lie and say anything they can to maintain that.

I feel bad for them. Imagine running from PvP. But I guess that’s why we aren’t Allies.


How will horde win when we have paladins? HOW!?

Nah, you’re just the goofballs that rolled on an overpopulated faction, cried about que times, cry about some mythical Alliance advantage in AV yet you guys brag about your base being the perfect turtling area yet you’re so disadvantaged.

Poor poor Horde, so fragile and always at a disadvantage to the point you need hand holding pvp racials and everything to be in your factions favor.

Heaven help you guys if Alliance still keep winning AV, what will you cry about to get changed next?


This quote really says it all. Alliance has to counter to this comment.

The map is Alliance Favored. Always was. Maybe you guys should learn to play.

It’s funny. You guys know what the good Ally premades do when they’re losing? They mass recall.


Queue times is very good for the horde to night only 20 min compare 40 to 50 min

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This is rich … read my other posts. If we are at the bridge we have lost. The bridge is not a defensive position where we are also launching offense from. We are defending with everything. It is a last stand.

Meanwhile horde already have 2 bunkers and graveyards.

IB is amazing and horde know it. It is why retail AV is just a horde win.

Watch the win rates skyrocket for horde.

And as for the slope up to SDB … one mage cannot hold that.

Please tell us how it’s in Alliance favor yet Horde cave had to be moved back?

Tell us how your perfect little turtling base is a disadvantage?

Or how the Alliance terrain exploit is an advantage? Tell us how Alliance are so favored.