Blizzard saved AV! Queue times will plummet next Tuesday

Currently there are a huge number of Alliance who are choosing not to play AV because the premade groups have ruined it for them by consolidating talent and causing so many half-full games to get created. The premades will still have to play AV to get their honor (WSG still wont even be close) and all the people they ran off are going to queue again.

Thanks Blizzard for finally listening to the entire community and doing what is best for the entire community.


I don’t think there’s as many alliance sitting on the sidelines itching to get back in as you think/hope.


Why not? This forum has been absolutely full of posts talking about how badly the premade groups have screwed over the alliance pugs. I think we will see a healthy improvement to queue times on Tuesday.


Nah, man, I personally want nothing to do with AV now. So good luck on those queues…


Ally pugs AVs are full to the brim with afkers, “lets lose quickly” gamers, and bots. Probably wont be doing much AV with the premade changes personally.


LOL huge numbers ?.. many Alliance on the sides have bailed on AV because they got exalted. With pre-mades gone, the AV map now outweighs all else and IB will be the Alliance back breaker. Horde will rack up a high % of wins and will be able to turtle as and when they like and grind Alliance bones to dust. They will effectively have control of AV every game. I can’t see many Alliance putting up with that garbage.


Yep, this exactly. And I for one have no intention of trying to squeeze blood from that stone. I would much rather just not play AV.


Are you aware that horde pugs also have afkers, bots and people who just lay down as soon as someone says “premade” in chat?

These arent faction specific problems.


I don’t understand why. Would you rather the game be over in 6 minutes? A battle sounds preferable to a race.


Pretty true. We know that Alliance once broken, will just AFK in the cave until we finish the clean up work.

I am just done with the whole thing. It is too little, too late. And I believe a lot of Alliance will feel the same way and just avoid AV all together.


This all depends on your goals I’m sure. HPH was the goal, hence the race.

You need to look at this from the other side as well. We have the same wants as you in reality… we do want a good (preferably) even battle with both sides having a chance at winning and happy to turtle or grind honor. BUT the AV map itself removes a huge % off the chance of an Alliance win BEFORE we have even entered AV.


Of course we would … We need massed numbers to break down IB … wipe there (odds are always high) and it’s all over red rover.

Disagree. My WSG premade can get back to back wins in 8 minutes. That’s 2500-3500 honor in 8 minutes. AV will be too unpredictable. If you get the wrong AV it’ll be a 40min turtle for less than 3500 honor so you’ll need to afk out.

If the top pvpers are getting standing 1 to 10 in WSG, the rest of the player base will move there as well


wait… WHAT???

literally all 100% of the time of vanilla AV was alliance favored, most of the changes made to AV in vanilla were specifically to lessen the alliance advantage. Vaniilla forums were flooded every day with how much easier the map was for alliance. They literally tracked these things. WSG, AB … always close to 50%. AV? Never dropped below 60% alliance win rate.

Alliance has a permanent victim complex. It’s starting to get disturbing


The number of turtles there is vastly overrated. I’m almost Rank 9. We never do it.

Nah, Horde will cry about that to get it nerfed too. Probably about paladins.

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Wrong. The map heavily favors horde. Hell horde can get to belinda before alliance can even get to her


Interestingly I truly believe Horde have been blind. Tell me how AV in this state is Alliance favoured ? It would appear to be Alliance favoured IF YOU IGNORED HOW STUPIDLY GOOD the IB choke is.