Blizzard PLEASE fix WQ's!

If you’re only doing one avenue of content then it sounds like you’re bottlenecking yourself more so than Blizzard is.


Its called age and health problems. I shake like a leaf all day. I quit raiding and M+ aster Legion. You should see me try to write something, its hilarious. Actually disturbing, but funny.

Thats why i had to give up playing competative content.

This one? Am still not quite certain what your point is. I actually like/want to have a few things to do everyday in game. And wouldn’t lessening the amount of things you can do every week mean that the time gates are dragged out even further?

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This is a tired cliche.

I can try to play Need for Speed as a granny that drives the limit, but I shouldn’t expect to win any of the stages that way.

Same goes for WoW.

Casual usually includes an indicator that you don’t dedicate gobs of hours.

Hence the word “Casual”.

The amount Blizzard allows you to gain in a week is the same… how often you have to do it is decreased. It isn’t rocket science.

Normal/heroic/m0 dungeons aren’t competitive content, as well as farming transmogs/mounts/pet battles/leveling alts/working on professions.

The FOMO is still there waiting for you. You’re only opting out of the least valuable content in the game, the stuff which people who seek to be competitive drop out of as quickly as they can.

As for addiction, if you require the game to cut you off like a bartender after you’ve had too many, maybe it’s best to not play at all.

There’s some weird malignant narcissism going on that you’d think everyone who really just wants to be left alone to play a video game really has it out for you.


The amount of what? Rep? Are you saying that Blizzard lowered the number of quests, but increased the amount of rep you get for doing them so it evens out to about the same as you would’ve gotten in previous expansions?

Right now I think the only thing they really need is enough of them so, outside things like the reduxes, we don’t get the same one at any point during a 2 week period, like if we have ancient protodragons on a tuesday, we don’t see it again till 2 weeks from that tuesday at a minimum.

You treat them like chores, then sure enough they become chores. Geez people sure do like tossing around words like forced, chores, minority, majority on this forum. Just me, but if I ever felt forced to do something, or it felt like a chore to do in a stupid fictional fantasy pixelated videogame world I would find another hobby. It’s a leisure activity, nobody is being forced to do anything, unless you are forcing yourself, and that is just sad if you feel like something in a videogame is forcing you to do something, or like a chore.


I actually do all of that except pet battles, and M0.

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or if you want access to the rep gated recipes… yes, yes you are.

…now I’m thinking about my own pets. Haven’t used them in awhile. just find a trio of things that look cute regardless of utility and level them

You can’t design the entire game around some people having a problem like this, and they don’t for any other kind of content. You can spam M+ dungeons and PVP until you starve to death, only raids are gated to once a week and that’s less about addiction, and more about putting timegate hurdles on people so that they don’t get what they want and quit.

Who are ultra-casual WQ putterers excluding from anything? We barely do group content, much less control group content groups.

You don’t need to do every WQ available, you can do other things if you’d rather do other things.

I, on the other hand, prefer to do WQs and am limited on that content to a drop every 3.5 days because the people who don’t want to do them somehow control the pace of when the content is available. Tell me when that’s the case for any other kind of content in the game.

Tell you what. Let’s go ahead and change it so that you can only do one BG a day and one M+ dungeon a week. I don’t like to feel obligated to do those things, you see, so you shouldn’t be able to do them.

There’s plenty of other content for you to do, fortunately. Roll on a RP server! Walk around Stormwind and interact with people in-character! It’s something that you can do that you’re choosing not to do, therefore you don’t get to complain that there’s not enough progression content for you to blow through.


Why would you be forced ?

Just dont do them …

They need to increase it, there is basically no content outside raiding/pvp/mythic+


No problem, add a bunch of them to compensate.

Same for you, you just refuse to do it and limit yourself.

Yeah, it’s wild how I pay a company monthly to play a video game to enjoy myself, and I enjoy myself most in solo zen content (and RP).

The difference is, I’m not asking anyone to limit how much other people can do the kinds of content that they like so that I don’t have a vague feeling of there being things that I’m leaving undone. That’s a you-guys problem, not a me problem. I am still failing to see how people who don’t prefer a type of content should get to say how often other people should get to do that content.


I’d buy that for a dollar :rofl: Robo Cop reference. This forum would explode lol. Make it happen blizz.


Yeah it’s pretty wild you’d pay 100% of the price for a product you only enjoy 20% of.

there ARE still a few things that function much like dailies, like hunts, fishing, soup, and DISTURBING THE DIRT but I think that they’re always the same, as opposed to world quests changing every day (or at least they did)

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