Blizzard PLEASE fix WQ's!

The WQ’s are very lacking. Add more and decrease the timers on them!! Every 3 day reset with the current amount is horrible!!
I don’t do Raids or Dungeons, and I actually enjoy doing the WQ’s.
They definitely need more added and at least reduce the reset time to 48 hours??
Right now the 3 day reset is way too long.


The reset being 3.5 days is great, as it reduces FOMO and doesn’t force people to spend 2 hours per day doing WQ.


I dont do them anyway so I dont really care. If you want them to reset every 24 hours thats fine by me.


I’d say the biggest problem is the ones that don’t work / are bugged weeks at a time.
The stupid field of ferocity one has been bugged for me all of last week. Its only some primal chaos, but it’s also renown that I can’t get because they haven’t fixed it still. It’s been bugged on multiple variations of who to kill for weeks. You just can’t talk to the NPC to start the fight.
That and the kitten climbing wq… 2 solid weeks of being broken outside of shard hopping to get a phase with all the hand holds.


There’s a lot of unique WQ to choose from and the system still throws 3-4 mountainin climbing WQ at me.

It’s been weeks since I’ve seen the quidditch quest. Why am I getting 4 dragon riding WQ and not the water skiing quest?


I dont mind it taking a few days for wq’s to reset but 3.5 days is a bit extreme. I would like to see them perhaps get cut down by a day…a 2 day or even a 2.5 day reset would be nice.

I never do all of the wq’s anyway because i have this selection issue i have to deal with. :stuck_out_tongue: I do the ones that are convenient and leave the rest alone. :slight_smile:


So you enjoy the feeling of being told to come online every day to complete WQ or else you could be stuck behind everyone else on rep content?

I personally do not mind this as it allows me to play other games on the side and come back after a few days to do more when it resets.


I love that I don’t have to log on every day just to do mindless WQ. I can enjoy other aspects of the game. I raid, M+, gold farm, etc. I like to have more time to enjoy other aspects of the game.


They literally just said they wouldn’t be doing this.

People are dumb and complained there’s “too much pressure” to do WQs if they reset every day. Now we’re stuck with nothing to do half the week. GG casuals


The 3 day time is dumb.
They made this mistake transitioning from MoP to WoD too. Stripped away too much that we had no content at all.

I’m assuming this comes from then feedback that SL WQ’s were a pain to do daily. But they’re forgetting something, SL dailies had like 5 objectives and you had to complete them in linear order. That is solved in DF. WQ’s take like 30 seconds to complete in some cases.


LOL…wow…no one ever said you HAVE to do them all!! I only pick and choose the ones I want to do anyways. BFA was great as far as WQ’s. Plenty of them to choose from and do the ones you want. It is a game, if you truly feel that you MUST do ALL WQ’s, then it may be time to step away from the game for a bit and take a breather!


Not even close.

This isn’t true either.

But go ahead, act like WQ are required, you know full well there are plenty of other ways to gain rep, and plenty of other things you could be doing in Wow, but you choose to what? Do a few dailies and log off to play something else? That’s on you.

There is no force, or make, or told … it’s a choice, do them, or don’t.


Bingo!! I will never understand the people who feel the need to complete every single WQ that populates.
I do the ones I want, do some dailies, side quests, work on professions, etc…And as far as “Being behind everyone else”, I play this game for me, not to see if I can outdo someone else. I have fun with it, otherwise you stress your self out and create issues when there are none.


Personally I’m fine with it. People are far ahead anyway, crafters are far ahead on rep also… the ones whining they can go play others games seemingly don’t really like playing WoW to begin with and have zero self control.

I can’t be asked to clear the map and if they made it a daily reset, I wouldn’t care one way or another also even if I did clear the map daily… because at the end of the day it is my choice and if I feel like I need to do it, that is my fault for doing something that’ll burn me out.

This expansion is borderline boring for me so if daily resets made someone enjoy it more, that is fine with me.

Personally I have my own gripes with the expansion. They won’t make it daily it seems from what they said now after the switch they did but I say go for it Blizzard. You got my vote lol

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That’s not how the game works. If there is player power and you want to keep pace, you have to do the thing that rewards power. Right now, and for probably most of this expansion, renown = power, so WQ’s will feel mandatory until someone has maxed their renown.

Making WQ reset twice a week has been a huge blessing. I feel like I can actually get them done and spend my other days playing dungeons or raiding, if they reset everyday I’d be miserable with trying to get them done.

If you enjoy doing them but they don’t respawn fast enough, consider making an alt or running the old WQ’s that still spawn each day in the older zones.


See, that is the thing, you DON’T HAVE to do them!! They are not required. Pick and choose the ones you want to do. They are on a rotation anyways. If you miss one, then it will pop up a few days later!
You guys take this game waaay too serious!!


I don’t HAVE to do anything in the game. However, there is a perception of having to do things and if you tell people there’s 20-30 WQ every day to do, people will feel like they need to. Also, what if people want the WQ to do professions? They will feel obligated or fall behind. That was the whole issue with BfA and Shadowlands, the obligation of doing things or falling behind. If rep was 100% cosmetic, I’d not care if it was daily or 3 days. However, they tied it to progression so it has that feeling of needing to be done or else fall behind others.


There is no real FOMO because the rewards don’t scale well.

However, they could do both…

If you clear the board so to speak then another batch of world quests spawns. You could get a batch of world quests every two days and they last 3.5 days each.

Though, I think that instead they should add more events like the Grand Hunt. Constantly going and with diminishing returns on rewards. Dragonbane Keep and Soup events are nice but the timers are too long. Primalist Storms are just grind fests.


Except if the “thing you want to do” is “be at the expected level of power for group content”, then you actually do have to do all of them everything single day or absolutely you would fall behind.

If it was easier to naturally hit 25 renown, sure, let them reset everyday. But since renown is a rep grind instead of a story/content experience, it’s been a lot more miserable to get renown up.

Imagine if in Shadowlands, BFA or Legion you unironically needed to be exalted. That is what Dragonflight has done with renown and WQ.