Blizzard PLEASE fix WQ's!

i havent done a world quest since day 1, and that was cuz of the weapon reward.

This is my issue, there’s been so many cool ones I got once and never seen again.


Changes to daily but rewards are cut to one third and items are replaced with tokens to buy from vendor.

do you have a source for that? last I heard they just said they were trying for something that wouldn’t affect renown.

anyone who cares about rep has already got well over 20 renown so this isn’t much of an argument anymore. you can just ignore.

it would be easy to hit renown 25 naturally if there were world quests like normal happening. As it is anyone who cared about renown is already over 20 or max out and if you aren’t there you are behind anyway so all this fuss is moot now.


So now you have to 3x the WQ for the same reward? Horrible idea.


The new WQ schedule is fine.

If you want to do more, go do your Shadowlands callings for valor.

You know thats what they would do. Cause people want more things to do right?

Once again Blizzard leans on the “let’s (force) make’em group”. That’s very post-millenial and Gen Zer, which obviously have taken over the dev staff. They don’t seem to even “see” the individual scope, because they are entangled in the politics of social networks. Individuals matter less (sounds so similar to communism). Yeps, less WQs, less me-time, less free-radicals. I’ll always hope Blizzard adopts both options.

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sir this is a wendy’s.

There are people that maxed out rep in like the first week so you’re behind anyway might as well go back to daily resets.


there’s a …water skiing WQ? lol
Have yet to see that one…and I do them all (that ain’t bugged)

OP, I agree…we need more to do…

If people have FOMO, that’s on them to resolve, should not reduce the fun for others


As an altaholic who is also spending more time on gathering professions this expansion on top of sampling the variety of other world events, I’ve found it quite easy (for me) to adapt to the new tempo.

I will say that I prefer WQs to the elite area stuff.

And hunts are unfortunately not working out quite as well as I had hoped as a repeatable event for skinners. They aren’t terribly fun to solo and aren’t terribly fun when overpopulated … that sweet spot of just enough people around is rarely hit.


Nope. At Wendy’s I order what I want, when I want it. The cook and the cashier don’t decide for me.

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What is really sad… people complained so they made the majority daily reset like previous xpacs.
People complained again, so they reverted it back to 3 days.

Welcome to world of whinecraft :joy:

Nobody is “forced” to do wq’s. Blizz needs to stop catering to these fringe players who scream they won’t be competitive and will get kicked out of their hard core guild if they miss a single quest. Smh.

I would like to see more open world content and a legit open world end game option.

“Raid or die” needs to….well…die


They need to fix rhe broken WQs as well.
Again with a weekly and 5 attempts in groups,hitting entire times ,not registering as complete again…


When the only way to get rep with the factions are the WQs, and there’s profession recipes and gear behind those reps, then people are essentially “forced” to do them.


  • Getting stuck with a bugged quest for days sucks.
  • Getting stuck with that same bugged quest for weeks also sucks.
  • Getting stuck with a quest that awards gear for the wrong spec for days sucks.

If Blizzard was less sloppy and their game actually worked like it was supposed to, then maybe dailies less often would be more tolerable. In reality, they can’t even get the questgivers to work correctly, much less the mechanics of some of the quests. More frequent refreshes of dailies would help make up for the sloppiness.


Love the 3.5 day resets, they should have done it sooner.

OP, the three day timer isn’t the issue. Not having another immediately pop up somewhere else after you finish one is.

Before, they lasted twelve hours before they were completely replaced. All of them. And, if you did one, that spot remained empty until the reset. Now, they last three days but those slots still remain empty until the reset.

The longer time means they stick around longer if gone undone. But for those, like you, who focus on them get left with less to do once you’ve done them all. That should never be the case. There should always be something to do. The only way to correct this without invoking a fear of missing out for those who do other content also is to keep the three day timer but have new ones immediately spawn as they get completed. That way, there’s always something to do.