Blizzard on increasing cooldown: "...with spells such as Faeline Stomp."

Original Post: Feedback: Monks - #92 by Kaivax

I know you’re eyeing it at the moment, but whatever you do, Blizzard, DON’T increase Fae Stomp cooldown. If anything (bargaining stage), since you stuffed so much effects into it like AOE BCK, AOE Tiger Palm, RSK reset, SCK healing, Fae Stomp needs less cooldown to reduce bad luck RNG and being stuck on Fae Stomp zones.

Everything else, like RJW, sure, whatever.

Honestly as a PvP Player I’d be much happier seeing them remove Stomp all together, fixing Ancient Teachings so it’s not awful, and maybe bringing Weapons of Order instead of Stomp (in my opinion the most fun MW cov ability).

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Yea, I’m seeing this through the lens of PvE. I’m not a fan of Fae Stomp but I’ll take it any day over Essence Font.

I find it very concerning that there’s so many effects tied to the stupid little line Fae Stomp creates. Okay, Blizzard REALLY wants us to fight on top of it and not go anywhere, at least reduce the cooldown to the point where we can resposition.

Increasing cooldown is the last thing fistweaving needs.

In that case I’d honestly say it’d be worth it to shift the conversation from “Don’t make Faeline Stomp even more obnoxious” to something else.

I think Vethos mentioned this in one of our threads at one point or another. He said, why not make different stances for MW? One for Mistweaving and one for Fistweaving. Then make Ancient Teachings a larger range, actually heal 3 targets instead of one, and remove Faeline Stomp and/or THEN nerf it to the ground?

Ha, I think you’re more optimistic than I am. I am at the bargaining stage. They REAAAAAAAAAAALLY want us to have a “buff” to fistweave. And to fight on top of a little noodle of a line.

I’m just urging them not to increase Fae Stomp cooldown.

I like faeline stomp. I want faeline stomp to stay. I want faeline stomp to turn green!

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If they make Fae Stomp a 1 minute cool down then it would be pretty much dead.

Fae Stomp is already competing with Rising Mist and then there’s the possibility that the tank moves right after you hit it making it worthless.

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Yes, that is exactly my concern.

If Blizzard changes the internal math to get a longer cooldown consistently they could just make the bonuses into a buff for the player on cast, so you don’t have to be on the line to take advantage.

Or change the line into a circle, though that still falls into the hunter circle issue it’s something we know blizzard accepts.

Honestly I’d rather the cd didn’t change because the ability is pretty fun though QoL changes are always desirable.