Blizzard, listen, the books are hurting WoW not helping it

Is there any form of media like this that doesn’t market outside material that ties into the story being presented? Or is this just yet another case of the WoW community jumping on a bandwagon because Blizzard Bad™?

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I wouldn’t mind having books and actually consuming the books if it wasn’t at the cost of excluding key events in the game.

The problem is that those key events are being excluded from the game because they want to use the books to tell the story instead.

It’s like if Wrathgate and the Battle for the Undercity was told through a book instead of having an entire questline about it. The actual game starts to feel more like filler content to pass time rather than being used to involve you in the world unless if you read a book and use your imagination to plug the storylines in.


You also clearly said that you could never get a detailed story in-game, without long cutscenes every 10 minutes. Which is flat out wrong.

Please no, I already dislike stories in games that overstay their welcome. I can’t imagine many would be excited to sit through the Garrosh trial or Sylvanas backstory. Put that effort into a better world telling.

I stand by that. You can’t put the kind of detail into a movie that you can with a novel, let alone a video game.


Why do you need a book if it’s just a game. Put the story in the game. It’s really that simple.

Do you play the game? My argument is to put more content into the game and your rebuttal is “other people should have access to it.” That makes no sense. If they want access to the story of the game, they should play the game.


If I have to buy a book to understand the current story of a game I’m already paying to play, I’m gonna have some issues with that


Yes and less main story in books. I’m going to reiterate that books should only be supplemental to the game. Major lore beats should not be in the books and left out of the game. I’m not sure why this is a hard pill to swallow.

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Books are fine - books that are required to understand the game’s story are not.

This is where Blizzard seems to have lost touch with the playerbase.

Even just adding a summary of the books on the website after they release would be better than what we have currently. Like, the books are fun to read but I shouldn’t have to read to understand things.

Like, we had no indication that Sylvanas’s goal during the War of Thorns was to kill Malfurion, and Teldrassil was an afterthought after Elune intervened in Malfurion’s death. (At least Sylvanas’s assumption of why Malfurion wouldn’t die)

Meanwhile none of that was in the game at all. It looked very intentional that her goal was to burn Teldrassil the entire time.


All they need to do is put Captain Exposition in the live version of the game.

Captain Exposition is an NPC used in alpha & beta in place of cut scenes that aren’t completed yet. You talk to him and he tells you what’s going on with the plot and what the NPC’s talked about in their dialogue.

Just put a Deluxe version in-game to tell us what happened in the books.

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LMAO This is unironically true

This is a good way to put it as well.

Does it explain why she wanted Malfurion dead? I’ve heard in game no mention of Malfurion from Sylvanas. Good example!

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She wanted to kill the Night Elves’ hope. It didn’t give any further explanation, to my knowledge.

Which is why she turned to Teldrassil when Malfurion wouldn’t die. (She assumed Elune was preventing it)

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“If you had read the books, you would understand why that character did those things that appeared to be totally out of character, from what you knew about their historical behavior.”

In other words, unless you’ve bought and studied all the books, the story in the game appears to be broken and it appears that Blizzard doesn’t give a darn about that.


Pay hundreds of dollars for poorly written stories that you’d be better off just reading fanfic. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Maybe she did that Legion questline too many times and was as sick of him as we were.



The books I read didn’t have more than a sentence worth of lore that really mattered in the current age of WoW. Most of them are just fluff for fluff sake, most of them even have to repeat or change characters to fill space. Talanji relearned to like the Horde, Jaina learned not to be racist for the 12th time.

Like I can’t think of any weight these last few books would add to WoW that doesn’t get cleared up. Example Warcrimes has a main quest where they go over the dragon from Timeless taking Garrosh to AU Draenor. Nothing else in that book matters.

Ugh, no further explanation. Which Blizzard probably turned into, “It was the jailer all along.”
Yeah I’d prefer them to build stories within the games solely, visit more lore after the game’s story is written out and in the game.



I’m fine with the books telling the story.

I’m not fine with the books being the ONLY source of said story.


What’s a book?

Googled it. There is seriously not a single book in my room.

I would only be okay with it if every ounce of that book is essentially in the game.